REVIEW – TonyMoly Egg Pore Blackhead Remover

Okie Dokie First of all I apologise for such a long time since I have done a beauty post! I am also sorry for the quality of posts seeing as I am publishing them on the wordpress app as I have no broadband until Thursday! BOO!! So if you lovely people can bare with me until then it’s much appreciated!!
Now to those icky blackheads!!! How gross are blackheads? Everyone gets them, I have small pores (apparently) but I still get them around my nose and top lip (weird place to have pores but nevertheless they are there). Let’s face it if you have pores you will experience blackheads.

I remember the first time I noticed blackheads. I was 13 and on my way to an awards evening at secondary school (where I won something… I don’t remember what it was) and just before we went out my mum pulled me aside and kept staring at my nose before telling me I had blackheads and to wait there. Sure enough I did, not horribly noticeable though, my mum then appeared behind me and starting attacking my nose with a pin(!) of course I had a red nose for the rest of the night and I quickly learnt that, that wasn’t the best method of getting rid of them.
Certainly since then my methods have evolved. I have used the empty biro method (DO NOT DO THIS. You WILL end up with a huge red nose that the skin will peel for days from damage the pen does) I have used cleansers (not great if you already have blackheads) and strips weren’t great as they take a layer of skin off. However until Tonymoly, blackhead strips were the best method of getting rid of the blighters and I gave up on a gentle non-skin-peeling method of removing them.
I REALLY love this product. It’s part 1 of a 3 step egg range but as I didn’t want the tightening mask and balm until I knew this worked I only bought the first step. When you first see it, it looks like a exfoliating gel it’s clear with little yellow beads. The instructions say to rub it into the area for 5 minutes and it turns white as it reacts with the sebum in the area. It’s oddly relaxing massaging your nose for 5 minutes, (I think spas should offer a nose massage it niiiice.) and you wash it off. It really works!! Now it’s not a miracle worker it won’t get rid of ALL of them but it does a bloody good job at getting rid of most of them! I LOVE this!! I love the cute egg packaging, doesn’t have a strong scent, its really gentle and it works
Now buying it… It’s another Asian product (I know, I’m OBSESSED) of course you can get it off eBay from moat trusted seller Bello-Girl or for £8.20 which I think is pretty reasonable price me thinks.
5/5 – Bye bye blackheads!

P.S. Heres a little tip. Instead of your fingers use a massage mitt (soap & glory do one for about a fiver) or a facial brush for a really deep clean. It gets rid of even more!




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