Find a Penny Pick it Up…

and it may just have a message for you! From me of course. In recent events I have been considering the work comedic improv group Improv Everywhere did with their megaphone in times square New York asking people to say something nice.

They wanted people to be brave enough to shout something nice to the world and brighten there day. I really liked this idea. There isn’t enough nice little moments to balance out all the negatively in the world is there? I considered this and thought about what makes me happy… I like things that are personal to me, to make me feel special, lucky, chosen and I like things that are whimsical. Something that brings out that little child in me that finds immense pleasure from silly little things in life and tells you that magic is real. That there is some meaning and logic in this mad little life we have.

I love you

That has lead to these little coins of mine. I have scratched into many coins that have come my way with little messages of niceness and then spent them here in the UK. They will, no doubt probably be spent around preston but where they go after that… who knows? If you have found one I hope they made your day and hope you will spend it to spread it on to share the love!



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