Birthday Haul

Okie Dokie here’s just a shout out to say thank you to all my friends and family! Here’s what I got from my lovely friends and family for my birthday and I wanted to say a great big thankyou to you all!

I especially want to thank Ryan for all the effort he made with the balloons and cake! I know how stressful it is for you to sneak around (because your awful at it!! Lol) but you really made my day special and I love you for it!

Ok Heres the LIST!

  • MAC Cinematics Face Brush Set
  • Next Floral Pajamas (only pyjamas that fit my freaky legs)
  • A Samsung Camera! (better pics hurrah!!)
  • Benefit Brows a Go Go
  • Benefit Magic Ink liquid eyeliner
  • Soap & Glory Hand food, Pulp Friction, Clean on Me
  • Next slippers (there awesome)
  • One Day
  • Gossip Girl season 4
  • Little sack boy
  • PS3 £25 Voucher
  • Bubbi Brushes! A Mixed set with more eye brushes
  • Ministry of Food (trying to learn to cook!)
  • Necklace Holder
  • Nommy Nommy cupcakes and chocolates
I’m a lucky girl!  Mushiness aside thank you to all my friends and family for the lovely presents I love them!! Thank you for a great day!


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