My First GlossyBox

Okie Dokie I know everyone has already received their boxes and done posts about it but this is my very first box and it’s been stuck at the post office (good job I only live two streets away now). Ok so here’s my impression on it.

I really like the packaging and the box I will definitely be keeping it for beauty storage and it will be awesome that I get one every month! It’s packed really well but being a bit finicky about this, the products were slightly dirty… Just general muck really (maybe I’m getting OCD I dunno) it gets under my skin a bit. Overall I was pleased with the pretty packaging except that.

Ok heres what I got:
Neil & Wolfe Harmony intensive treatment for all hair types – Perfect just ran out of conditioner and it’s a full size bottle. Win!
Deadsea Spa Magik Salt Brushing – I didn’t really need any exfoliators since I got a butt load for my bday (post tomorrow) but it looks pretty good you get a fair amour in the sachets and I got two sachets in the box.
Hd Brows – didn’t need any but nether the less i’m pleased to have it because I love eyebrow products and a full sized palette of 4 shades is a pretty good deal.
Kimia face oil and activator – quite looking forward to trying this actually you only get a small sample but after the other full sized products to expect more would be greedy!
Plum by Mary Greenwell – had a whiff it’s a very subtle smell but I don’t dislike it probably the only thing I probably won’t use.
Overall I’m really pleased with my first box it’s a good mix and like trying out new things so I will carry on getting them! Thankyou GlossyBox!


4 thoughts on “My First GlossyBox

  1. The perfume is VILE in my opinion. I’d like to have seen more make up. In previous months I’ve received mascara, nail pilish, nail wraps, highlighter. Fingers crossed next month will be better.

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