VOTE – I Can See a Rainbow…


Okie Dokie people. Been feeling the need for change at the minute and I am going to start with moving homes. As I’m already moving and procrastinating a bit on actually packing my stuff I decided I also want to change my hair colour. Now over the years I have changed my hair colour A LOT. Currently I am a light brown but I want YOUR opinion on which hair colour I should go.


Blonde? Sorry for the SERIOUS face. It’s a Passport photo

RedRed? God this picture is even WORSE! LOL! You see I worked at game and when guitar hero came out you had to dress like Moshers hence the get-up here! Sadly I would say I didn’t ever dress like this but if you knew me when I was 15 you would know different…

Light brownLight brown? Yummy cocktails that only cost about £10 yummmmmmm

 Dark brownDark Brown?

OK I am going to Leave this Poll on for about a week and then I will dye my hair according to the results!

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3 thoughts on “VOTE – I Can See a Rainbow…

  1. I think it’s just a matter of finding a really good colourist. Try asking around. I always find that the best stylist are found by word of mouth. It’s all about listening to your friends and their best/worst experiences.

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