Things Can Only Get Better

Disappointed But before things get better they usually get worse…

…. But life doesn’t work that way. There are no rules to it no matter how many you make up. So because you had a crap week doesn’t mean good stuff will happen to balance it out. I would just LIKE some good stuff.

job centre

Saturday immediately woke me up by receiving a letter first thing and it says that I am not eligible for Jobseekers Allowance as I didn’t earn enough NI credits and Ryan earns too much as I live with him. Thank you so much job centre it only took you 3 weeks, a tenner in parking fees and 2 appointments at the job centre to tell me that. I certainly don’t expect Ryan to pay everything for me but apparently he has too. I don’t know how all the chav’s do it, I really don’t.


I spent the entire weekend packing (not fun) and looking after my sister. Monday I took my little sister to the Orthodontist and it was a very odd moment like De Ja Vu. Both times Megan slept in, Both times it rained, Both times I had to fill out a new patient form (even though she’s not), Both times Megan had no idea what her postcode is (Product of the British education system, she’s nearly 15) Both times the dentist finished the form for me, Both times Megs had no idea who her normal dentist was or doctors, Both times the dentist ripped the piss out of her and both times Megs toddled off to town afterwards. Very weird… If if living the exact same days twice I must be doing something wrong?


After that weird little episode I went home and anxiously waited by the phone all day for…Nothing. No one from the assessment day rang. Even though they said Monday evening at the latest. That annoyed me a bit, optimistically I thought it might be good news as being late with a call to deliver good news is easily forgiven. Being late just to let you down is taking the piss. From my general tone you can guess which one it was… annoying thing is they phone and they expect you to tell them how YOU thought it went. Just to then tell you exactly how crap you are at highly stressful role-playing and wish you luck.


WISH ME LUCK… I have never had luck. Some people get a job right away, their very first bf/gf is the love of their life and everything they touch turns to gold. Thats never been me and it’s safe to say it never will. I have always been a person who learns everything the hard way. The more complicated, painful or just plain stupid way of explaining things is always going to be the one that makes the most sense to me. Take my driving lessons. I could never master the manoeuvre “parallel park” still don’t actually I just avoid it. Anyway seeing as I had to learn it, I tried, I really did try, I just couldn’t get my head around it. My driving instructor then invented another manoeuvre for the parallel park that he said was harder and more complicated but he had basically got sick of me by this point so I should just try it, I got it straight away. I’m just a backwards, awkward person and I always will be.

So this time I am not going to rely on luck… I’m going to make my own! Just because I do things the hard way doesn’t mean I’m not going to get there. I am always going to hope for a better week and plus next week I’m moving and that’s slightly awesome!

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6 thoughts on “Things Can Only Get Better

    • Aww, thats crap. Aisha had the exact same happen to her at the jobcenter. It seems to me that the only way you can get the job seekers is if you have never worked, tuck your trackies into your socks, have a fag behind your ear, have never payed tax or NI and have no intention of getting a job!
      Forget luck, like you said, make your own and try and make the best out of a bad situation. I 100% feel your pain!

  1. That sucks! hope you week/ month gets better! mine has got better as ive just started a new year at school and got a c in product design and two b’s in english although im slightly gutted as i was 3 marks off a A! 😦 never mind!
    think positively and always find the good in the bad, and have a nice week GOOD LUCK! 🙂 xx

    • I did product design too at A level i got a C as well… weird! Don’t worry about your grades, there are not the be all and ned all. I know how it feels to JUST miss out though i just did my degree and i was literally 1 mark off the grade I wanted its infuriating!!! thanks for the well wishes!

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