REVIEW – Botanics Body Cloth Polisher

Botanics body cloth polisherOkie Dokie, ever have one of those moments where you’re in a stand off with an inanimate object screaming “why the FRACK did I buy YOU!!!”? If you haven’t then you should it’s oddly soothing… My moment came when I used this atrocity.

This is £2.75 I am never going to see again. Botanics Body Cloth polisher is quite expensive for what it is but when you see it on the shelf all soft and white you start to think “It has to be better it’s made out of CLOTH. Look how luxurious it seems.”  So far this voice has never led to me buying anything worthwhile and I should stop listening to it, it’s always wrong.

So when I got this home and used it and it immediately transforms from the nice and soft Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde. It is completely unreasonable! It balls up into a mushy rock and your soap doesn’t foam up in it and as for exfoliating, it does nothing (as its rock cloth). Then you leave it hung up to drain (there’s no way you’d get your hands around this to squeeze it) and the next day it’s still sopping wet. Now this is SUPPOSED to dry quickly. I have a quote from the Boots website:

 “Ramine is a natural fibre that dries quickly and is resistant to bacteria.”

CODSWOLLOP! This after 24 hours is still sopping wet, mushed together and as for bacteria resistant… It takes 24 hours for it to absolutely STINK of mould and must. You really want to put that on your skin?? Its disgusting! Anyways so that lead to me trying to screaming at the thing for being a complete waste of space. I’ll stick to the plasticy ones thank you!

 0/5 – Sorry this doesn’t have a single redeeming feature

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