REVIEW – LUSH Cupcake Mask

LUSH cupcake maskNOM NOM NOM… Oh hello! Sorry you had to find me publicly drooling over the yummiest face mask in the world, I just couldn’t help myself! Now using chocolate as a face mask may seem like a huge waste of chocolate and yes whilst wearing this you may look like the worlds biggest racist, but there are benefits to wearing chocolate as a face mask.

Here is LUSH’s Cupcake mask. Now this took me ages to get hold of because for some reason every time I went to my local LUSH it was always sold out (I guess we have a lot of teenagers?) and I have to wait for them to make more and get delivered. Anyway after all that malarkey I finally got one! I really like LUSH’s face masks because all you have to do is look at them sat in a huge bucket of crushed ice to know they are freshly made and not pumped full of chemicals. so I know the stuff in there isn’t too harsh for my skin as it’s all natural. The only downside is you have to keep this in the fridge (and make sure relatives don’t eat this) and it has a sell-by date so if you want to get the most out of your money you have to use them religiously otherwise they just go off.

I don’t think I’m too worried about someone eating this (although when Ryan first went into lush it took him 10 mins to figure out we WEREN”T in a cake shop) as when you open it its a bitter chocolate smell which is good because if it smelt like Cadbury I would feel like I got ripped off (I could have just melted a bar of chocolate for £1 and just poured that on my face). I had been after this mask in particular to combat spots as it’s the main problem with my skin. I don’t have a lot of spots I just constantly always have one or two and its a bit annoying (I’m 24 next Wednesday WHEN do I grow out of this?) especially when I’m feeling hormonal.

Anyway when I first tried this my first thought was “please God, DO NOT let anyone knock on my door now” as you do feel ridiculously politically incorrect and if Ryan’s family would have seen me they would have had a field day! (what is a field day…? What is the british version of this phrase?) Anyway after 10 minutes of ridicule from my boyfriend the mask has hardened like a clay mask and I washed it off. I have to say It really leaves your skin soft, glowy and pink. My skin was no longer oily and just felt really clean. I find I really liked this mask late on a night if you have a spot under the skin and you need to just bring it to the surface so you can get rid of it before it brews into something enormous. It really is quite effective at drawing out your imputes in your skin but that does mean the next day you will have little spots so don’t do this the night before a big event! However I haven’t seen any reductions in actual prevention of spots so far using this but I need to be a bit better at remembering to use this because lets face it, once every two weeks isn’t cutting it.

4/5 – Great at drying out oily skin and spots

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW – LUSH Cupcake Mask

  1. I love love love this one too and Oatfix which is porridgey. Cosmestic catastrophe is very good too for bad skin but I prefer the former two. Excellent review. Lol don’t worry about people seeing you in it, once people realise that you like face masks, if you tell them, then they’re less surprised – the postman, delivery guys, my ex have all seen me and thought nothing of it, one delivery guy even tried to flirt with me!

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