REVIEW – Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash


Okie Dokie here’s a product I have been using for a while from Benefit. I really wanted to try a product from their new range but I hadn’t used anything up (I like to finish something before I start buying a new one) so despite having a million cleansers in the bathroom I wasn’t really happy with them (except the oats) so I forked out the £16.50 for this.

After reading really good reviews about this I had quite high expectations for it. My first impressions on this were it had a nice bottle, it lacked product information on the product as it’s all on the box so if you want to read the info you have to do it before you throw it away. I really like the packaging on this it makes it feels like you bought something from an apothecary with the fake cork cap. The smell is a very clean smell and not very strong which I enjoy (strong smells first thing in the morning can make me GAG.) and you do get a lot of product for your money(150ml).

Now to how I found it, when I used this for the first few days, my skin didn’t like it at ALL. It is a quite a drying formula so I got a flakey chin from it (usually the first place on my skin where I get a bad reaction to products) so I thought maybe it would be too harsh for my skin but after the first couple of days (and numerous exfoliation) my skin settled down and got used to the product and it doesn’t do that anymore. Now I can enjoy the fact that is product really does leave your face VERY clean. Most of my cream/foam cleansers don’t get everything off, so to test this I got my liquid cleanser on a cotton pad and wiped it around my face and… NOTHING! I was really surprised because I had left my makeup on before using it so I was expecting a little bit of makeup on there. Absolutely clean! I was really impressed and I have noticed less tiny whiteheads (little ones I get if I don’t wash my makeup off/properly. I really like this product and I would definitely repurchase this again!

4/5 – Once my skin got used to this I really liked it!



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