REVIEW – Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Lee Stafford hair growth treatmentOkie Dokie, as you may or may not know I am a huge fan of Lee Stafford products! I find it’s one of them brands where about 80% of it works well for my hair and doesn’t weigh it down. I have tried a lot of slightly more expensive high street brands and I don’t really like them as they are usually poorer quality and really weigh down my hair. Lee Stafford is pretty much the only brand I will pay a little bit more because I really like their products.

This is no exception. This stuff I loooovee! I really love the smell of Lee Stafford stuff because it’s not too strong, girly or like I dumped an entire bottle of perfume on my head. It’s a hair growth treatment that you massage onto your scalp for 2 minutes between shampoo and conditioner. I prefer this as trying to remember a hair mask is challenging for me (No idea why… I don’t think my brain knows how long a week is… It’s usually 2 weeks before I remember to do it again.)  So using this every time I shampoo is great! It’s surprisingly moisturising, it’s like you have pre-conditioned your hair but it’s not heavy on your hair. When I use this my hair is so much softer and lighter. With me I find it makes my hair more bouncy and I see more volume in it.

Now to the hair growth part… I haven’t really noticed anything. I been using it for about a year now but I can’t really tell between how much my hair is supposed to grow and this stuff. It’s not super long and my hair is continually stuck at this hair length (about 4 inches past my shoulder) and can’t get past it. I have used the new hair growth shampoo by Lee Stafford but only for about 2 weeks before the bottle ran out, so I need to see how it works with the shampoo and conditioner…. but until then haven’t seen much growth.

Nevertheless I will keep buying this because I really like it as a hair treatment.

4/5 – Great as a treatment but not much hair growth.

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