REVIEW – Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Garnier-BB-Cream-Miracle-Skin-PerfectorHere is the first european BB Cream I have tried and normally I wouldn’t have ever chosen a Garnier product (as I’m allergic) but I decided to risk my skin for a review of the only BB cream you can get in the UK high street (what I do for you eh?). Now I am a huge fan of the asian BB creams, so am I prepared to switch?

In one word, NO. Some reviewers have really liked this product but I hated it! When I first got it the packaging seemed rather bland compared to the asian ones but you get the same amount for around the same money (£10) I guess packaging isn’t that important, after all I was after whats inside. The products information is all on the box though so when you throw it away you throw away all the info about it which was a bit annoying.

Compared to Asian Bb cream (see what a bb cream is click here) it doesn’t do an awful lot. First of all it doesn’t have any anti-wrinkle or whitening properties and only have an SPF15 compared to the SPF42 on my current favourite. The only thing is guarantees is hydrated skin all day (which I have a moisturiser for thank you) and yet it had the nerve to call itself “super dooper” on their website. I think they have played on the ignorance that a lot of people don’t have a lot of experience with BB creams so don’t know what benefits BB creams normally offer.

Anyway I tried it. You get two colours to choose from light and dark. Being quite pale I picked the light one which is WAY too dark! In M.A.C’s colour chart I am a NW15 so this is not for pale people its more like a medium colour, so it annoyed me thatI had a visible jaw line effect with it. Garnier have also got rid of the grey cast BB creams normally have but I didn’t like this as I have quite swallow skin sometimes and this highlighted that rather than covered that. Not pleased.

SwatchesOK left to right Garnier Light BB Cream, Missha 13 BB cream, and Skin19 Gold super + BB cream.

Now the Missha BB cream is the closest to my skintone and you can see the Garnier one is way too dark for my skin. The skin79 one only comes in one colour but as it oxidises it blends better into your skintone whereas the Garnier doesn’t change and is way to orange for me.

As for cover, it’s supposed to have a sheer coverage and it is VERY sheer, my Asian BB creams cover blemishes partly and my dark circles nearly completely. This covered absolutely nothing. If you have perfect skin already this would be ideal, however I don’t and it this also seemed to highlight dark spots on my skin. The texture however was quite nice and its looked very naturally on like BB creams but whatever ingredients in this is way too harsh for my skin, it’s overly perfumed and my skin started to sting after 10 minutes, after half an hour I had to take it off! Not suitable for sensitive skin at all. I wouldn place this product as a half way between a tinted moisturiser and a BB cream as it just can’t live up to the products Asia is producing.

1/5 – Overall I am very disappointed with it. “Miracle Skin Perfecter”, REALLY?

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20 thoughts on “REVIEW – Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

  1. Hi 🙂
    I’ve been looking all over for an honest review of this – so thank you. I’ll save my money and get a decent Asian BB cream instead!
    Also, I love your glasses. Followed your blog almost instantly!

  2. Hi great review!
    I’ve been thinking about getting this cream but the colour is really putting me off.
    I’ve always wanted to try a bb cream but never known where or what to get.
    Could you give me any good recommendations and where you buy them?
    My skin tone is very similar to yours.

  3. If you want the real deal, then you need to get it from Korea. BB cream has been incredibly popular in Asia for a few years already, so they’ve got quite a bit of experience behind it. I personally think brands like MISSHA and Etude House from Korea would be much better than Garnier’s one… Hanskin, Skin79 and BRTC are pretty popular too, but MISSHA is apparently the best.

  4. Rebecca, I’m interested to read that it made your face sting. I tried it on Saturday morning (and didn’t think it was anything more than a tinted moisturiser TBH), and by Saturday evening my face was out in a sore blotchy rash. My skin is now scabbing over (lovely) so it’s been more of an imperfector for me! I really have to give it 0/10.

  5. I too have had an adverse reaction to this product. Less than a week of using it, I have the same blotchy rash as Jude, all over my face and neck. Very itchy. Never had anything like this in my life before (& I’m 42). My skin is normally dry and sensitive. For years before trying this product, I have used Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear. Great product. Am going back to that.

  6. I bought this product a month or so ago and used it once and developed an awful red, itchy, sore rash around my eyes the following day. Not making the connection I used it again last weekend and have been suffering with the same rash and the skin around my eyes has been all puffy, it’s only just submitted today (Thursday after using on Sunday). It is horrendous!!! I have written a complaint to Garnier as I have never had a reaction like this in my life, i’m 41 and a bit of a sucker for products!!! Although I am pleased to realise that I am not alone, I am sorry others have been through the same ordeal. Am also intrigued as to what goes into it!!!

    • Wow! I’m so glad I found your review because I too am having the same awful reaction to the garnier bb cream. For the past week, an itchy, red, scaly rash has developed underneath my eyes. I have somewhat sensitive skin but I’ve never experienced anything like this. The bb cream is the only switch I’ve recently made to my makeup routine. This is so disappointing!

  7. Today is Melbourne Cup day & I had planned to go to the racecourse to watch this great race but thanks to Garnier BB I won’t be going. I used this product Sunday morning & by the evening my eyes were surrounded by a red, itchy rash & are so puffy they are almost closed despite anthistamines & cortisone cream. I have never experienced a reaction like this before fron any product & will be making a complaint to Garnier.

  8. After reading this I am so glad I didn’t buy this product! I find that any product with vitamin C extracts upsets my skin, and I noticed that this Garnier product does include it. I wonder if this is what contributes to the irritation?
    I too ❤ asian BB creams! My fave is the face shop's power perfection cream (way cheaper direct from Korea on ebay than in face shop stores!!!)
    PS Thx for subscribing to my blog; have returned the favour! 🙂

  9. I used the garnier BB cream twice and now i have little bumps coming up all over my face, and normally skin is never sensitive! So annoyed after paying €14 for it! Dont think I’ll even try to use it again! 😦

  10. I used this product in light and I got really itchy red skin all over my face and its really irritating, I stopped using it and my face is getting better but still hurts .

  11. I wish I would have seen the reviews on the Garnier BB before I bought it. My face got a scaly, blotchy rash. My mom didn’t want to tell me that I looked like I had spots being eaten away on my face, like it was taking pieces of the first layer of my skin. She just started helping by cleansing my face and I stopped using the Garnier. It’s beginning to heal. I couldn’t leave the house! be careful. I’m looking for my receipt to take this back to Target. 😦

  12. I am an SA user of the Garnier BB Cream – I was impressed at first on how it blocks and blemished redness etc. – but I have used it every day for two weeks and suddenly I got this red burning sensation rash all over my face – each day a new spot popping up – as if I am a burn victim – it’s terrible! I hate this product now – and I will definitely also complain with Garnier ! This is not on!

  13. Hi! Was interested to see someone else that considers themself to be allergic to all garnier products. I have the same problem, even the shampoos give me kind of bumpy itchy rash on my face. I’m just wondering if you’ve worked out what ingredient is you’re allergic to? I’ve just used a cream for dry skin that looked a bit like e45 but called lotil and I’ve had the same reaction! There’s an ingredient out there that hates my face!x

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