stressAhhhh… the end of a very stressful week, is there anything like it? The huge sigh of relief that the week is behind you and it can be just a horrible memory… maybe I’m being a bit dramatic there. According to what some people have to put up with it may seem small and insignificant but it was very stressful for ME.

The beginning of the week seemed all calm and smooth sailings until Wednesday when I had to go sign on (oh the joys of the unemployed…*sarcasm alert* ) and I went back to my car (where ruffians were lurking abouts… shh! we’re hunting WABITS!) and the car started shaking and juddering AGAIN. Thats TWICE the car has broken down in one month! Despite the car having a nervous breakdown, on a hope and a prayer I got the car all the way home.


Then there was today. Today had me literally pooing my panties scared (well maybe not literally… it was bloody close though!). When I had to go on an ASSESSMENT DAY (I had to do that in capitals because capitals spell DOOM!) If you haven’t been on one before, I hope you never have too. It’s a day of tests and role-playing (not the kinky kind) to assess how you manage in high pressure situations. To me this is extremely frightening. I have always freaked out about orals, practicals and my driving test. I get very nervous being WATCHED and MARKED and it makes me extremely scared. On my GCSE written french exam I got a B, on my oral I got an E because I completely blanked on an answer I knew and he answered the question for me and I just answered a very pathetic “Yeah”. Anyway I got through the day I hope it was worth it, so lets never speak of it again!

car break down

Anyway away from Lancaster and back to my car. I had to take it to a garage when I got back. Ryan insisted I only needed to turn right off the ring road to find the garage to fix the car only to find there’s NO right turn (silly men). To which I had to drive for another mile until I got to a round-about come all the way back down and just try any left turn I could see until I got the right one. Naturally I got lost. I don’t know about you but being lost in a car that’s about to kick the bucket doesn’t make you the safest driver. I find the more lost I am the worse my driving gets, I hope I never end up stranded on a desert island and have to drive a boat to safety as it won’t end well. Anyway eventually find the garage but I can’t get up the ramp because giant coaches were on each ramp. Therefore I caused a little backlog of traffic with old bald men shaking their shiny heads at me whilst I struggle to reverse to let them past (I was on one of them very narrow roads). I got the car parked eventually but it did not get fixed. I was basically told I needed 4 new spark plugs (we only just had 1 replaced 2 weeks ago!) so I had to drive it back all the way home. Knowing all mechanics are watching me pull away got me a little nervous and I forgot how steep the kerb was when I drove over it so I essentially slammed my bumper off the pavement with a giant bang. I drove away shame faced knowing I embarrassed all women everywhere with my driving “skills”. Anyway I ordered the plugs, changed them all and now its purring like a kitten. As it turned out one of my plugs had SNAPPED so I was lucky I got the thing all the way home again today. Now it should be well-behaved and not try to die.

I know it’s not even the end of the week yet but for me it may as well be and the weekend will hopefully go by without much drama. Now to languish in the calm after the storm… ahhhhhhh.

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