Looks of the Week….Errr 3 Weeks

Okie Dokie I missed last week and the week before that… the first week I had a really bad skin week and last week I didnt have access to my computer or camera so its basically 3 weeks all at the same time! Grr 30 days 30 looks was a complete failure! Had a bad reaction to bites and skin just needed time to settle and heal. Hate it when that happens. Also I spent all this week with just my travel makeup because I haven’t been home! Never the less some is better than nothing!


IMG_1958IMG_1941IMG_1954And now for a funny one! Heres a lesson learned tilting the camera down from above you face can make your eyebrows looks MASSIVE!! Hahaah I look like an alien! Or a bush baby!! Incredibooth strikes again and I love it! As you can tell I haven’t been going too heavy on the makeup lately and I rarely put anything on my bottom lashes as they are quite dark and also I have quite round eyes and putting mascara there makes them rounder (as you can see to the right of me).

tre logoMakeup month


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