End of an Era…

Makeup monthIs a month long enough for an era? Oh feel it’s felt like a VERY long time! Hmm at least out of this month I have certainly filled out the category! Some areas have been more disappointing than others…

…Like not meeting 30 days 30 looks. I was probably over ambitious with that one. Things I am pleased about though is over coming my shyness with the camera, filling out the tips section in the menu bar as I hadn’t done any in so long…. hmm what else? Oh reviewing quite bit of my makeup! In some ways it felt like way too long to dedicate to one area and then again not long enough as it was the tip of the makeup-berg. Anyways it will be nice to talk about other things for a change, I have lots of things I have been saving up to review for you!

Okie Dokie so from now I will have this little logo on my site down the right hand side near the adverts, that when you click on take you to all the posts from makeup month for when you want to remember the good old days….lol.

tre logo


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