Keira knitghtley highlighted Okie Dokie, it’s nearly the end of makeup month now so I was really struggling for ideas as I have done a lot of posts this month (although not this weekend, hey I’ve done like 10 posts this week thought I should give myself a little break) So Just looking over my posts I noticed I haven’t got a single posts about highlighting and seeing as I was asked about it recently, I thought it should do one.


Now when highlighting remember, you should always look as ridiculous as Keira Knightly’s face here IF you want to do the entire face. This is basically all the areas of the face where you want light to hit the face. Feel free though to pick and choose as you see fit for instance I don’t have deep cheek creases so I usually don’t do it. It’s really that simple I tend to do my highlighting after I do my powder. You basically want to mattify the face and put shine back on it in the right places. You want a highlighter that looks glowy, not greasy or like petrol on tarmac. Please note the picture is just where you want to put the highlighter not quantity the lines are just thickened in this picture so you can see them.

benefit_High_MoonBeamNow to start I am going to recommend which highlighters I use, here’s Benefits High Beam and Moon Beam. Now I have never tried Moon Beam and heres why. I only have High Beam because it’s a silver based highlighter whereas Moon Beam is a warmer peachy pearl. I have a pale cool skintone (see skin tones click here) so I can handle the silver tones in High Beam and it doesn’t stand out on my skin whereas tanned warm skin tones  it would be too drastic and Moon Beam suits their skit none more. I like how Benefit has taken this into consideration when making their highlighters.

The best method I find for applying these is to dot them where you want it using as little product as possible and then dabbing with your fingers to blend. These products will last you a very long time as you’re using such a tiny amount each time. At £18.50 it can be quite pricey but is extremely economic per use, however I only use this on my cheek bones, down my nose and above (but not below) the eyebrows as this is quite a bright product and it will really make you eyes pop.

YSL Touch eclatNow here’s the ever popular YSL Touche Éclat that I use for the rest of my face. As this also functions as a concealer I find it best around my mouth to sharpen up my pout and subtle light to the rest of my face. At around £19 it is a little pricey and runs out pretty quickly however I have tried numerous cheaper substitutes and absolutely none has ever lived up to it and you just circle back around to this one so it’s definitely worth buying! Applying this is pretty straight forward, Draw and Blend try to use a brush with this to blend so it doesn’t oxidize slightly darker than your skintone.

So that’s highlighting wrapped up! Hmmm I wonder what else I missed this month…?

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One thought on “Highlights!

  1. I was bummed I couldn’t use the Benefit highlighters, my skin is too oily! I think highlighting makes a huge difference when wearing your makeup, it’s really the icing on the cake. I have to stick to my powder highlighters, though. Nice post 🙂

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