REVIEW – Bodyshop Big and Curvy Mascara

bodyshop big and curvy mascara

Okie Dokie this is a little gem I managed to get for free when Bodyshop had an offer on their makeup (buy 2 get any mascara free). I had previously been using Maxfactor’s Fusion mascara but it didn’t really live up to expectations for me.

This mascara has a nice pink packaging for the normal  mascara and a blue on for the waterproof. I think next time I will buy the waterproof to compare the two as waterproof mascara’s are better for keeping the curl and has more staying power. After seeing what this one can do I can’t wait for the waterproof one!

My eyelashes are quite short and very straight so when I see girls with these massive curvy lashes I think “oh my god what are you doing that I arent?” I’ve still never had that effect with my lashes and I’m pretty resigned to the fact that I probably never will. This mascara has got me pretty damn close though.

I really like this mascara it has actually given me a lasting curl on my lashes. Usually I have a curl for about an hour and then they are just long and straight. This is a really effective mascara, the wand is nice and slim so I can get at the outer edges and give me a “who from who-ville” effect. The only downside to this mascara is if i just have it on my top lashes it has a long-lasting power, no fall down. I put in on my bottom lashes and a few hours later I have 2 black eyes. I’m OK with just having it on my top lashes as I have naturally black lashes and I like the Doe eyed effect. It’s a bit annoying for the smokey eye though.

4/5 – A good mascara for keeping your curl. A bit of fall down though.


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