The Strong Brow


Audrey hepburn

Okie Dokie, the brow is back! (I don’t think it went anywhere… nevermind) I love strong eyebrows, unfortunately my eyebrows tend to grow very sparse and whilst they are dark they don’t have that much impact. Unfortunately growing back your eyebrows is a long laborious task. So untill then you can fake it.

Billie Piper

The eyebrow is the most important feature on your face. Changing your eyebrows can change how your entire face looks, bigger brows are very good for adding a youthful look to your face whereas very skinny brows can give you an older, harsher look to your face (or in some people, angry).

keria knightley

There are a lot of different makeup tools to fill in your sparse eyebrows to make more of an impact. If you have very light eyebrows there are several dyes you can use. These are permanent and last around 6 weeks untill they grow out.

eyelure dylash

I used Eyelure Dyelash once to dye my eyebrows and I used dark brown. It was quite effective at making my brows look fuller by dyeing the lighter hairs you don’t really see. I didn’t keep it up maybe  because it didnt make a whole lot of difference to me as my brows are dark already. If you have light eyebrows, just go a shade or 2 darker rather than hopping straight to a dark brown or black just because it will be very drastic on your face and if you hate it your stuck with it!

Gosh eyebrow pen

Another way to give your brows impact is to use eyebrow pens. To be honest I’m not a fan of these. They give a very unnatural look as it’s basically filling in your brows with a felt tip pen. Also like felt tips they dry out very quickly and you get the slightest bit of foundation on the pen your screwed.

Soap & Glory arch de triumph

Another alternative is to use eyebrow pencils like this Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph, I used this one for a while it gives a really natural look. You have to use pencils in short strokes as if your drawing individual hairs. Otherwise it can look very harsh and fake. This can take quite a while to achieve and not ideal if you’re in a rush. The highlighter side of this pencil is the BEST though. It’s a soft pink colour so it really defines your brows and makes them look great! Mines nearly run out now it’s lasted about 6 months which I think is quite decent.

ruby and millie eyebrow duo

Ahhh my favourite option. The eyebrow powder! I have the discontinued Ruby and Millie eyebrow duo. I don’t use the wax side because it’s very shiny on the face. The powder though is so good, I use an old slanted eyeliner brush for precision and fill in my brows. It really good for giving such a natural look and takes about half the time as using a pencil. However now Ruby and Millie has gone down the pan when this runs out I am going to have to find an alternative to use. Thats not going to be for a while because these bad boys do last a long time!

Gosh defining eyebrow gel

Now to finish off a really good defining gel for the brows. Stop you getting squiffy eyebrows! I really like this because it has great hold, defines the brows and isn’t shiny or crunchy. A great finishing touch!

So untill your brows are growing bold and bushy these are great ways to fake striking brows!


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