It’s Raining Cats and Dogs…


Okie Dokie you may have noticed I have personal posts section on my menu and my “bobbing in” the odd personal post here and there. I thought my blog was looking a bit faceless and sometimes its more interesting when you know about a person and whats going on with them!

So it’s raining cats and dog over here, not outside though. In my mums house. I’m currently house sitting and I have got my mums dog, my sisters dog and my cat running all over me because they are all under 3 years old! Theres not a single animal that just wants to sleep at night. I have tried explaining that they are not nocturnal animals buts its like I’m speaking another language to them. I love these animals but all together in a teeny tiny house they quickly are driving me crazy. They are literally running all over me when I’m sleeping so I can’t wait for some sleep zzzz…


Been for a job interview today so every available limbs and digits are crossed. It was pretty difficult but I hope I did well. I have been job hunting for about 2 months now and it can get pretty demoralizing not hearing anything back but I know I’m in the same boat as all the other students who graduated. Except for those crazy successful people who immediately get jobs and earn loads and it’s like they have won the fricking lottery (not that I’m jealous or anything). It can get pretty difficult not to compare yourselves to them sometimes but you got to keep your head high and just keep on going (who know where though).


I have been sooooo excited about moving! I didnt realize how much stuff you really need for a new home! I have no idea where my stuff from my old flat has gone to (into the cosmos… into the bin.., same thing) so I have to get EVERYTHING. It’s been really fun though actually being able to buy things in the home section. I always been just looking wistfully and now I can shop there! I think when I finally do get a job, my first thing I will buy is a new computer desk. Mine is dead shabby and handles are falling off and I spend so much time there it will be nice to invest in something nice to sit at.

Ahhh back to dealing with the animals (they are suspiciously quiet right now…). I think I will do a personal post just once a week, just a little snippet of me in my blog 🙂


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