Makeup. What I Love, What I Hate


Okie dokie heres some things I love about Makeup and what I hate about it. Even the most enthusiastic person about makeup in the world has things about makeup they hate, styles they hate etc. The area is so versatile it makes it great and sometimes a pain.


  • Can be done in 5 minutes or 5 hours
  • So versatile
  • Constant improvements in the field
  • Sets your imagination free
  • Builds your confidence
  • BOOTS!
  • BB Creams
  • A smokey eye will always make you look sexy
  • Always a new product to try
  • Glossybox
  • Blush
  • Primers
  • Cheaper brands are really pulling their socks up
  • For every product you will find 100 reviews on it
  • If I was ever bored as a teenager I would spend my time trialing a new look to see if would work on me.


  • Hit and miss products
  • False advertisement in rife
  • people who wear makeup like a mask
  • Airbrushing
  • Maxfactor
  • Cakeiness
  • Getting stuck in a rut
  • A 13-year-old girl wearing makeup BETTER THAN YOU
  • Guys who say they like “natural makeup” then dump you for girls tarted up in the stuff
  • 40 year olds whose go to makeup look is “all black all around my eye that doesn’t hide wrinkles but emphasizes them”
  • So hard to find concealers and foundation that match pale skin
  • Being a cool skintone in a warm market
  • Makeup that causes spots yet doesn’t hide them
  • Foundation streaks
  • Reviews on products that are faked from the company

As you can see its pretty much a love hate relationship I have with makeup. You have to go through years of mistakes, looking crap and trialing a million products to find 1 product you actually like. Would I go my life without makeup though? No. I could probably live on the bare minimum but go cold turkey? Too far.



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