Mother Knows Best

1940s makeup

Okie Dokie this post is about some advice given by my mum about removing makeup, that I was sort of dubious about and thought “she’s talking gibberish again”  but it actually works!

Ok for the record that’s just some picture I found online not my mum. My mum would kill me if I put a picture of her here (So I will save a picture for when she’s annoying me. Mwahaha!)

Now to what she said. A few weeks ago she was going on about a makeup remover she got and how brilliant it was and she would leave it for me to try while I was dog sitting for her. Anyway it wa s a simple gel one, using the instructions I used it with a cotton pad and wiped my makeup off. I  wasn’t impressed it took ages and didn’t take off all my makeup at all. After telling her she was like “You don’t use it that way, you soap it up with water and rub it over your eyes” I doubted this very much. How would diluting the formula work? I pretty much put this down to mum being daft again and ignored her. Untill last night whilst house sitting again (I know, how many holidays is she going on?) and I left my cotton pads at home so I thought I would try it and it really works!  Poof makeup gone! And it saved on the amount you use (I usually go through loads of it on pads). I wondered if mum’s theory would apply to my cream Bodyshop one and it does! I think my mum has revolutionised my makeup removing routine. It takes half the time, amount and effort than following the instructions on the bottle. (bad bottles)

So maybe sometime my mother does know best (except in 2006 when she was trying to convince me to buy a denim jacket because she guaranteed me that in a years time they will be back in fashion again! It’s 2011 and still no.)


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