REVIEW – Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

missha perfect cover bb cream

Okie Dokie here’s a BB cream I have been trying out for the past month or so. If your unsure of what a BB cream is Click Here a post a made a while ago so I don’t have to repeat myself.

This is Missha perfect cover, I decided to ge this because even though I loved my skin79 bb cream (click here) it was just slightly too dark (and I really mean slightly, tiny difference) and because Missha do 3 different shades 23, 21 and 13. I decided to get the number 13 (palest) and try that one.

Hmm… I’m unsure about this one. I keep switching between this one and my old one, I generally use this one if I’m going to be doing my whole makeup and skin79 on a lazy day. This is because Missha’s texture is slightly runnier than skin79 so it doesn rub in well using your hands you have to use a brush to properly set it. It also doesn’t provide as much cover for my spots and dark circles as the skin79. I still use this one though because when it does set and you powder it its very natural and matches my colouring exactly. But you do have to use more concealer with this and set it with powder as this cream leaves a very wet finish.

Overall I like the colour on this one but I like my Skin79 better for everything else!


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