REVIEW – Clinique Blended Face Powder Invisible Blend

Clinique Blended Face Powder & Brush InvisibleOkie Dokie, This little doozy right here is an invisible face powder I bought form Clinique. At the time I was a bit disheartened with Clinique and the girls at the counter really didn’t help the situation, when I was asking for it they didn’t have a CLUE what I was talking about (way to know your own stock right?) claiming it didn’t exist until I had to google it on my phone to shut them up. Anyway I eventually bought this, based on the amazing reviews on saying about how great it was. I now think Boots reviewers shouldn’t be trusted.

First of all its a bit expensive for a powder at £18 but I thought “it got great reviews, its worth the money.” Stupid theory. You do get a lot of product for your money to it’s not a total loss, the brush you get with it is pretty naff tbh. Its flimsy and thin and a kabuki brush does way better, so I never used it. Then it comes to the powder. You see I’m quite pale, not bright white, but nearly there. So I was really hoping this would be invisible. It’s not. It has an ashy grey colour to it that stood out on my skin! Also it didn’t blend to well so I would end up with patches of grey. Not a good look. I got so fed up with this I swapped it with my friend who got a No7 powder that was too pale for her. We are both very happy with our swap, she has a warm skintone and it is invisible on her and her powder is invisible on me. So we both lucked out on our bad purchases (we have a product swap nearly every time we see each other, she’s almost as bad as me for buying beauty stuff!). Almost seems like fate brought us to our perfect powders…apparently fate didn’t have much else to do that day!

3/5 – Not for pale ladies, not invisible.

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