I’m Moving!! (Homes)

New Flat!WOO HOO! My first flat!! Well my second flat…do student flats count? If they do, then its OUR first flat because we are moving out of the parents house and into an awesome flat! I’m super nervous and pooping my pants a little but mainly I’m very excited! It feels like christmas, or flying (Excited about holiday scared about flying!) Still staying in Preston but we will be right next to town. I’m finally growing up!

KitchenHere we come into our Attic apartment with a lovely kitchen.

Stairs As you can see we have an upstairs too!

Living RoomLook how many freaking sofas! I could seat a football team in there! Gonna take some of them out

BathroomRyan will miss his baths but sod him, I’m a shower person!

BedroomI can not wait to get at them wardrobes. I have never had such giant wardrobes in my life!

Bedroom againOhh that’s it now! We have been dithering on this for days now but decided last night to do it with a little encouragement from my ma! So excited!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Moving!! (Homes)

  1. OH MY GOD IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When do you move in?????? You need to text me or email me or something I want to know all about it!! Whats happening with Tovey? xXx

  2. I’m in work, never check my phone in the day haha! Just had a look I have texts on my phone, will look at them when I get out of here 🙂 ooooo the excitement xxxxxx

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