REVIEW – Eyeko Fat Balms

Eyeko fat balmOkie Dokie I finally got round to this! This was actually a post I have been planning for a while (ever since I ordered a bunch of stuff from them) but only just got round to using them all to review them!

Eyeko is a British online brand that I had heard of but never seem to come across or even use any of them. I found them by clicking on a badge on someone’s blog (can’t remember whose) and joined their ambassador programme and started ordering. I have to say their range isn’t huge but it isn’t expensive either with the most expensive thing there being about £9. I must have  a thing for multi-purpose makeup as I’m always attracted to lip and cheek stuff! I ordered these 3 and an eyeliner (I will review another day). As an ambassador though you get free gifts when you order over £15 so I got one of these fat balms and the eyeliner for free. If you shop at Eyeko use my ambassador code (at the bottom) at the checkout for your free gifts.

Back to the balms then, I had to wait 7 working days for delivery so I think next time I will just pay the tiny bit more for the next day delivery. I loved the packaging on these cute boxes so I was expecting good packaging on the inside…

Fat balm…awww what happened? This would have been nicer if it was any other colour than grey. I mean you can see the packaging on the website but it doesn’t look the same colour as this, it looks nicer. Anyway I guess it’s not that important. Anyway the balms I ordered were Toffee, Minty and Strawberry. The Toffee was a bit of a weird one for me as I don’t really go for warm products on my cheeks but I wanted a nudey colour and this looked kinda pinkish on the website so I ordered it.

Fat Balms Anyway this is what the colours look like in order Strawberry, Minty and Toffee. What surprised me with these is that they look a bit dark, but they come out much lighter of your skin so its alright. The names as well i thought just meant the colours but they smell like them too! Yummy smelling things are always good. The texture of these are pretty much like lip balm so they are quite moisturising a bit of a weird sticky feeling though when its first on your cheeks so I set mine with a bit of powder so then it just looks dewy and no longer sticky.  So now to the individual shades.

Strawberry 5/5

I think this one may be my favourite. It looks quite burgundy in the picture but it comes out a nice reddy colour on your cheeks and lips.

Minty 3/5

Hmm. This one doesn’t do a lot for me because I have dark lips so it just gives it a lighter sheen to it. On my pale cheeks it barely shows but a great mixer.

Toffee 3/5

Actually comes out more browny than I thought but I mix minty with it and I get the perfect shade I want.

Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics! Ambassador code E17209 for free gifts when you spend over £15.

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