Beauty Idols

A bit outside the box today not a makeup post per se, but hey to make a rule there has to be a exception. I have put together a quick post about women I find truly beautiful. I guess I prefer natural beauties rather than plastic surgery victims, who wants to look like someone who doesn’t even look like themselves?

kristen stwart

Kristen Stewert is probably the newest of people whose beauty I admire because she’s very natural but isn’t perfect. I am a big fan of the Twilight books and films (not gonna pretend to be “cool” and say I don’t) and I love her long brown hair, I nearly cried when she had it all lopped off for the Runaways.

audrey hepburn An oldie but a goodie Audrey Hepburn absolutely gorgeous and no airbrushing necessary. I love her eyebrows people tend to think big eyebrows are unfeminine and ugly but I think they are more feminine than skinny things which can make the face look harsh. The most striking faces tend to have bigger brows because they frame the face.

zooey-deschanelZooey Deschanel such a Snow White kind of beauty, when I first saw 500 days of Summer I thought she was so pretty I actually went and had a fringe cut (worst haircut ever, gave me fat face).

gainsboroughA bit of a weird choice but Georgiana Spencer has always resonated with me. When I see this picture it’s not hard to see why so many people loved her. Plus she looks so familiar to me and I don’t know why.

Emma WatsonI grew up with the Harry Potter films and Emma Watson has bloomed from a frizzy haired girl with me. I’m kind of 50/50 about her hair short though sometimes I see it I love it and sometimes I think eh. No matter what her haircut is though, she’s a stunning girl (and look at them killer legs!)

keria knightleyKeira KnightleyKeira Knightley is my ULTIMATE beauty idol, I adore her. I think she is so beautiful I wished I had half her looks. The picture on the right is one I did of her.

I have noticed with this post my idols tend to be dark haired and dark-eyed, I guess it’s because I am. Weird how what you find beautiful in others are similar qualities you have in yourself. Is it because we think with a little effort we will look like them? Maybe.

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