REVIEW – Skin79 The Oriental Perfect Cover Up BB Concealer

skinorientalperfectcoverbbOkie Dokie here’s something I bought a little misguidedly… see a while ago I went on a concealer bender and bought this because I always wear bb creams and I have a Skin79 one so I thought hey this will be the same colour and will be perfect for a bb cream wearer as its made by the same company. Um….

…I may have made a mistake buying this. See I bought this to cover up blemishes and spots and even though it’s a liquid concealer I was still willing to give it a go. I have been so impressed by Skin79 products I took a gamble on this and paid the £10 for it (bit expensive seeing as the BB cream is about the same price). The packaging says “natural and neatly conceals speckles and defects” I was so disappointed with it.

This of all the consistency is very runny so it’s not good for covering red spots, it’s quite opaque so it would cover redness. I could have overlooked that is it wasn’t bright orange. It’s not bb cream coloured at all! On the instructions it says this to supply after your bb cream, if you did that you would have bright orange patches all over your face! This is way to bright and orangey (unless you been Tangoed, I don’t mean tanned I mean TANGOED) it would be perfect for an under-eye concealer but I bought a really good under eye concealer that is more salmon coloured. This would be ideal for a darker skin tones (nearly everyone who isn’t me) for an under eye concealer because once blended it isn’t cakey and i tested this on my wrist and it concealed my veins nicely (not that I wanted to I just didn’t dare put this on my face first). Sadly it just wasn’t for me. Not a colour I would use to cover a spot, underneath a foundation on the eye area I would have if i hadn’t bought another product that isn’t as dark.

So that leaves me with a bit of a dilemma not bad enough to throw away, but I’m never going to use it. This may have to be donated to someone.

3/5 – Wrongly advertised in my opinion, not for spots but great for the under eye.

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Skin79 The Oriental Perfect Cover Up BB Concealer

  1. i wish i saw this review before i went and purchased it! i had the same ideas as you when i was contemplating it. but have the same exact reaction as well. so glad it wasn’t because mine was expired or a fake, but still sad and disappointed.

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