Get 25% off Superdrug’s

superdrugOk so no hauls this month to show you any good deals out there but I can give you 25% off superdrugs own brands and 10% off branded products at Superdrug’s EVERY TIME you shop!

I been using this every time I have been in Superdug’s recently it’s especially helpful as Sleek, GOSH, MUA etc are all 25% off and there pretty much the only reason I go in there.

Dead simple every time you get a receipt there’s an advert on the back to fill out a form online on their customer service it takes around 5 minutes to fill out they give you a code to write on the back of the receipt with, take it back with you and bippity, boppity, boo discount!

You can do this over and over again because it’s the receipt number they take. Every time you shop with your discount you get another receipt and the cycle continues… happy shopping!

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