August Wishlist *sigh*

LMS-Spotlight-rangeLMS Spotlight 3. 

OKie dokie being poor at the minute I am spending my time fantasy shopping on the internet flicking through my Beauty book of shadows and only hypothetically spring any money. No hauls this month only wishes…

Looking through a magazine I came across this little spotlight, just the lipstick one is £29.99 and has rave views for speeding up the healing of spots. I’ve Been suffering quite a lot from spots and bites at the minute so this would come in handy!

MAC cinemantic brushesOhh pretty new Cinematics face brush set form MAC! £39.50 for the set when most of the brushes are hitting £28.50 for just the one it’s quite the bargain! and plus look at the funky colours!

MAC mineralize blushMAC mineralize EyeshadowMac minerlaize skinfinishOK maybe I have gone a bit mad looking at MAC stuff but the Mineralize range just looks so good! From left to right is Blush in Love Thing £19, eyeshadow in Rare Find £16, and Skinfinish in Semi precious rose quartz. I’m telling you when I get my first wage I’m hitting the MAC counter and I’m hitting it hard!

Makeup Month

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