REVIEW – Accessorize Marbled Eyeshadows

Accessorize eyeshadowsOkie Dokie when i first saw Accessorize in Superdrug’s i instantly dismissed it. I admit I was a bit of a makeup snob! I just didn’t expect much out of them (mainly when I looked at the palettes, it was more like a quad) and I thought it looked childish and aimed at 13 years old girls (being 24 next month I’m DEFINITELY not 13 anymore). I must give credit where it’s due… Accessorize surprised me.

Golden CaramelCOCOA

I really love these eyeshadows! I have to say the quality of these shocked me because even thought they £5 a piece, they are baked not pressed. This mean the pigment in them is really strong. They are also really big they are about the size of blushers not eyeshadows so they are quite good value for money (although I wouldn’t recommend putting THESE on your cheeks). I think I have fallen in love with marbled makeup! The mixture of colours in them give more depth to the colours. When I went shopping I was debating whether to get these or the Maybelline but…. the Maybelline marbled effect looked very faded and small. Didn’t look anywhere the same as these! The twos colours your see above are Golden Caramel (left) and Cocoa (right). The golden caramel comes out pretty much the same as the colour in the picture, the cocoa comes out a plum brown which I like (I have loads of browns).

5/5 – Love these! great quality great rice will be checking out more! (when I have money)

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