Beauty Book of Shadows

OKie Dokie you know how in that old show Charmed the Halliwell’s had a book of shadows? A collection of spells their ancestors made? Well that gave me the idea to create my own. Not with spells but with beauty tips.

Beauty Book of ShadowsIn here is a variety of clipping and articles I have cut out of magazines. I did this because I was sick of going I remember a really cool hairstyle/ makeup tip and then rifling through all my magazines for about half an hour only to find the first one you picked up had it in but the pages were stud together and you missed it (or something…). So I started collecting them, I used to be embarrassed by doing this until a friend of mine found it and thought it was really cool. So I am no longer ashamed that I scrapbook beauty did bits!

Beauty Book of ShadowsI really like being able to have all my favourites from magazines all in one place. It like having a Beauty magazine that’s constantly updated (like that cool Allure magazine in America that I could only get in Borders until they went bust… tut). I wish Britain had a beauty exclusive magazine like that *hint hint*. Until then though and probably after then too I will keep scrap booking all my faves so I don’t have a million magazines lying around the house.

Beauty Book of ShadowsHey you never know when something like this will be handy… Maybe when I die I will time capsule it, (well not me because i will be dead, but a relative) to give future generations insight to what we found beautiful….

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Book of Shadows

  1. I love love love this idea. It seems like the best way forward, but I have never even thought of it.

    Also I loved Charmed when it was on, so I can relate to the book of shadows comment.

    What would you do when you have filled the book up? Buy the same style of book to start filling or a different style?

    Thank you for sharing.

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