Eyeliner for Dummies

Okie Dokie, for this I am going to explain different eyeliners and their best uses for effects and then for the wing eyed tutorial i am going to send you off the lovely Keiko Lynn whose eyeliner tutorial is so great and simple it really cannot be improved upon and I have been using her technique since i found it!

Kohl Eyeliner

Rimmel Kohl

Probably the first eyeliner every girl everywhere bought and used throughout the tween years where you have no idea what the hell you were doing. I know it was definitely the case with me, probably because out of all the eyeliners it’s the least scariest and the easiest to apply. This eyeliner can be used for the top and bottom waterlines but it doesn’t last very long, you will probably end up with it glooped in your water duct after a few hours and reapplying over and over. I no longer use my kohl eyeliner for this anymore but one great function it does have is the smokey eyed effect.  This is why pencil kohl is so easy to apply it was just like drawing and if you made a mistake you just smudged it out and it looked great! The only thing about these eyeliners is they aren’t very hygienic and caused numerous eye infections to girls who shared it (is it bad i really found it funny i was the only girl out of our group NOT to get an eye infection after telling them?) and need replacing often.

Liquid Eyeliner

Bourjois liquid eyeliner

I never use liquid eyeliner anymore and it’s because it’s the hardest one to apply. The bold constancy mixed with a tiny little brush trying to get a perfect straight line just doesn’t work for me. It’s too hard! One tiny wobble and the whole thing was ruined! This is definitely eyeliner for experts if you have a steady hand under pressure you will master this easily. It’s a shame because the bold flash of eyeliner is a really striking effect. The only advice i can give to make this a little easier is try not to do it in one big sweep. Just do little strokes like dot to dot so you can rest your hand in between and it should be easier.

Pen Eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner but in a pen Hurrah! I didn’t count this as liquid eyeliner because it’s really a different formula. The pen eyeliners are not as strong in colour, and not really buildable. However I really prefer these as they are so much easier to use and still give a strong colour. Eyeliner pens also tend to have really long nibs too, this is great for the fiddly thin line where you start your eyeliner as you just place the entire nib length ways on it and its done. Drawing with a pen takes you right back to your pencil eyeliner days and its so much easier only good for a clean line effect it cannot be smudged and a pen is not ideal for your waterline (remember getting your felt tip pens wet when you were a kid?). Don’t buy the Maxfactor eyeliner pen though it dries out very quickly and draws patchy, Maybelline line definer is a brilliant little pen i have had mine for over a year now and it hasn’t dried out.

Gel eyeliner


Gel liner’s are pretty new to high street make up brands and i have mixed feeling about them. On one hand they do need a brush to apply them so you need a steady hand when you apply it, also you need to be generous with the amount you apply as a little doesn’t go a long way and you need a lot of eyeliner for a sharp line otherwise its patchy. On the other hand they leave a dramatic line effect like liquid eyeliners but also have the ability to be smudged and there very long-lasting. It also great for the waterline because it will stay put there for hours and not gloop up. So there extremely versatile and if you only were going to have the one eyeliner, make it a gel one because it does it all.

Okie Dokie now I am going to send you off to Keiko Lynn on a very simple winged eyeliner tutorial CLICK HERE

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