Tried and Tested – Bourjois 10 day Anti-Choc Nail Varnish

Okie Dokie, the new Bourjois Nail varnish claims to guarantee 3 days without chipping and up to 10 days (I’m guessing if your careful) I was very dubious of this especially with my nails (I’m hardcore) so mine usually chip instantly. I got 2 shades in my July haul a Coral colour and a Navy blue (weirdly they have no names???) So I thought I would put on my new lovely pinky coral.

3 Days in

Sadly I seem to have lost my cable to my camera so I can’t get my pictures off it!!! Luckily I seemed to swap between my phone and my camera, so instead of a 3 days in I’m going to have to do a 4 days in.

4 Days in

Bourjois nails 4 days inOK so there wasn’t much difference between day 3 and day 4 thankfully! But as you can see it didn’t last and I didn’t do anything overt stressful on my nails. Just computing and daily stuff. Granted it’s not as badly chipped as most nail varnishes would have been at this point but don’t expect miracles from this.

10 days in 

10 days inAttack of the claws!! Look at my mac covered in post-its, if I have a good idea for something it goes on a post it then on there! As you can see it’s definitely not a 10 day nail varnish chipped to death. I was so glad to get this off! The worst thing was when i had taken it off it had STAINED my nails orange! I have never had a nail varnish stain my nails before! A big thumbs down for me and its a shame as I usually love Bourjois!

2/5 it was a lovely colour and it withheld chipping a little bit but it didn’t last the guaranteed time.

TREMakeup Month

One thought on “Tried and Tested – Bourjois 10 day Anti-Choc Nail Varnish

  1. I just want to say that this Uo to 10 days anti-choc no chips is totally incorrect…
    I put on this Bourjois Paris nail polish and it didnt last even the second day….
    Surely, to my way thinking this is totally false advertising….
    It certainly does not do what it says on the bottle??
    Would love some comments from the makers?:?
    Thank you

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