Looks of the Week

I decided to do the 30 days 30 looks for 3 reasons. 1) Get me out of my makeup rut, 2) Build my confidence about taking pictures of myself, 3) the fun of it. I am not being vain by doing this, quite the opposite I HATE having my picture taken I always think I look awful and I avoid cameras a lot because I have been going through a string of bad photographs and I don’t want a repeat of my teen years. Do you know how many pictures of me in my teens there is? About a dozen, i just don’t have any. I always avoided the camera and then realised looking back there isn’t any record that I was a teen not even bad embarrassing pictures! I love looking at family photo’s and I don’t want my twenties to go by and not have anything to show my kids.

As part of my Makeup Month I aimed for 30 days and 30 looks and so far I’m a little behind! I recently had some really bad bites on my arms and face (I don’t know what it was but it had teeth and it was angry!) So I had a few days this week where I didn’t have any makeup up at all to let my bites heal. So I think I only have about 4 looks this week but I aim to do better next week!

First lookFirst look3rd look4th look

Okie Dokie so here’s my 4 looks this week, Cat eyes red lips, Nude eyes nudish lips and blush. Smokey purple eyes and nude lips and barely there makeup. That last one is todays literally my two-minute makeup for light days (i.e. supermarket) and when I want to let my skin breathe but conceal it. The first picture I know is kind of silly but its the least silliest of the bunch (I tend to pull faces when I’m feeling self-conscious so if i take a bad picture at least it’s on purpose). The photos are also quite a weird style it’s Incredibooth on my iPhone and i really like this app! Made by the same people as Hipstamatic and has quite nice effects on there!  I really like analog effects on cameras it’s very cool and unpredictable!

TREMakeup Month

2 thoughts on “Looks of the Week

  1. Am looking the pics 🙂 know how it feels to not like having your pic taken but you seriously have nothing to worry about!!! infact please email me the pics if you can so we can have a copy of them (we’re trying to up our collection of you too!!)

    Oh will your 30 looks in 30 days include eyeliner? me and the girlies all agree this has got to be the most difficult to master

    Enjoying this, keep it up 🙂 x

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