The Art of Concealing

Okie Dokie, this post is going to be part advice on picking concealers and part review about concealers I use. I am doing this because I have wanted to do a review about my concealers for a while but I also wanted to pass on what i have learnt from using concealers and making them work best for me. Now this is just a general guideline, I am no professional makeup artist but I have had a lot of experience covering up my less than perfect skin and tried dozens of types of concealers that I know what I am searching for now.

Concealing Spots

Concealing Spots

These are concealers I use for concealing spots, as you can see they are well used because I love them! Now trying to conceal an angry red spot is really quite hard especially for pale skin. I’m talking about a spot or a bite that actually has a scowl on it! It’s harder for pale cool skin toned skin than warm skin toned to cover these up and you will see why in a bit.

Now to cover a very red spot you need to use a green concealer to cover it up. Why? Well on the colour wheel what is exactly opposite red? Green. It works that simple, if you want to hide a colour you have to go with the complete opposite, which is why when blonde hair goes green with chlorine it’s ketchup that washes it out. A green concealer beneath your foundation to combat the redness means your skin coloured concealer doesn’t have to work as hard. The green concealer I am using at the minute is GOSH touch up which is a liquid concealer. It is actually the first liquid one I have tried and I think I actually prefer a solid concealer for a spot rather than this. It works a treat but spreads around a lot rather than just on the spot. This would be ideal for when you have a red nose in winter or girls who want to cover a red face. For now though this is doing the job, I think it only cost me £2.99 in Superdrug as an offer I don’t think it much more than £4 anyway, a green concealer is a must have in concealing.

Now after your foundation your spots shouldn’t need as much concealing but for the finishing “what spot?” effect, you need a concealer that matches your skintone or at the very least your foundation (I know a few girls who paint their faces a different colour). Natural colour is best to give a natural effect. Now I have found that a solid concealer works much better than a liquid one just because a solid one can be applied directly on the spot and you can use the heat of your fingers to DAB to concealer to blend it. Dabbing I have found is much better than rubbing because most of the time you just rub off all the hard work you have done and dabbing lets it melt into the skin. The reason liquid ones won’t work is because it’s already liquid, and then you have to use a brush to work the concealer round at you end up covering a whole areas of your face and your spot is sat in the middle of it still quite visible. Now the concealer I love using for spots is Benefit IT stick. This pencil concealer is brilliant as you can literally pop it on your spot dab and your done. It also comes in quite a pale shade which is perfect for me but sadly it has been discontinued! when this runs out I am going to have to hunt again for a good replacement, BOO!

Concealing red areas

Now you may have noticed I had another concealer in that picture above and yes it was a liquid one. That is the collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer than comes in a very fair shade. Now I mentioned before that its harder for cool skin toned to find concealers is because A) Pale concealers are hard to come by and B) trying to find a concealer with pink undertone rather than yellow is damn near impossible unless you want to fork out quite a lot of money. This on the other hand is a very affordable £4.19 in Boots and its a very good product. Now you may be wondering what I use this for if I don’t use it for spots, I use this for red areas such as around your nose and uneven skintone. As this is liquid it spreads very evenly and is quite thick and opaque and covers these areas up nicely if you don’t get many spots but trying to even out your skin. Or if your like me and have a strawberry mark. I have one right between my eyebrows and it gets very annoying if I don’t have a liquid concealer to cover it up.

Concealing Eyes

Concealing eyesNow concealing your eyes has pretty much the same basic rule as concealing spots. Go with the opposite colour you trying to conceal. So if your concealing big blue lines under your eyes you need to go with an orange based product even cool toned girls. With under eye concealer this goes underneath your foundation so it doesn’t even matter how mark you go your counterbalancing the blue under your eyes so don’t be tempted to go for a paler shade a strong salmon orange is what you will need. Liquid and cream concealers are best for this delicate area and the one I’m loving at the minute is Skinfood  Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream this cost me about £7 on eBay as it’s an asian skincare product. I really like this as it’s not too sticky, blends well and melts quickly when you rub it.

Now putting this on does look pretty ridiculous before foundation big orange eyes and green skin isn’t a look anyone goes for! But it really works.

Now that’s it for concealers. Just one rule really. It works for art it works for makeup.


You have this your good to go!

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