Should Airbrushing be Banned From Makeup Adverts?

banned_makeup_adsThe above adverts were banned last week for airbrushing too heavily in the pictures and false advertisement and in my personal opinion?Hurrah! I am glad that FINALLY the government is taking a stand against the makeup’s industry of airbrushing models trying to sell us makeup!

The Maybelline advert of Christy Turlington especially! I remember seeing this in store and saying to my boyfriend about ridiculous airbrushing especially on this picture where they airbrush ONLY where she has the makeup on! It is false advertising and the excuse that they get away with? “Representative of the results the product could achieve”. COULD achieve. Well you COULD say that about anything couldn’t you? This product COULD achieve this even though its isn’t proven in any trials or tests but it COULD couldn’t it? In my opinion if the makeup was that good, it shouldn’t need airbrushing. Do us regular folk have to rely on airbrushing? No we rely on makeup! When the adverts are airbrushing women wearing foundation for a foundation advert how is that telling us its working? It tells us someones dab handy at Photoshop, but nothing about the product! It’s a shame as well because their airbrushing stunning women, so if the women deemed to be the most beautiful in society being are airbrushed within an inch of their lives what chance do we have? There has been another advert that has really annoyed me with airbrushing actually…

zooey-deschanel-rimmel-london-0411zooey-deschanelZooey Deschanel in the Rimmel advert for perfect match foundation (yeah right). Now Rimmel isn’t known for catering to pale ladies so I am naturally put off by their foundations, especially being a cool skin toned person just like Zooey. Except… doesn’t the Rimmel advert give her a wonderful warm glow? Funny because in the picture opposite is her real skintone (and doesn’t she look beautiful?). This annoyed me right there. Just because a company does cater to cool skin toned they Photoshop her and paint her up to be one. It’s misleading for a foundation that’s supposed to a “perfect match”. Her hair has even been warmed up to suit the skintone! I think this demeans the cool skintone and encouraging the tangerine generation. Why is pale and pink now associated with ugly?

Be proud of your natural beauty! Makeup shouldn’t be airbrushed to sell. If it really works it will translate to camera.

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One thought on “Should Airbrushing be Banned From Makeup Adverts?

  1. I completely agree with you – Zoe looks gorgeous au natural (or without air brushing). I heard about this and was really happy that you guys banned over air-brushed photography… unfortunately, I doubt anything like that would happen in Canada lol

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