REVIEW – Sleek Pout Paints

Pout Paint

Pout Paints are here! A long awaited product for many people (not me because i only just heard about it last week). I picked these up over the weekend as superdrug had released them ahead of the 3rd August date. As you can tell from the picture above, their colours are made to be mixed not used on their own. The white cools down the colour but they also have a blue that warms them up (that I can’t find anywhere). There are 11 colours all together but these are all the colours I need. From let to right

Cloud 9, Peachy Keen, Milkshake, Rosette, Pinkini and Pin Up.

Togther these create a lot of different shades which I love, the colouring is very pigmented and very opaque. The only thing is its easy to make bold bright colours but not so easy to make neutral, nude colours. I managed it a couple of nights ago and I can’t for the life of me do it again! You see you have to be very careful with the white shade as you use it to cool down colours, but you put a lot in it and your stuck with a very cool shade so use white sparingly! You can always add more but you can’t take away. The nude I made though was made from Peachy Keen, Cloud 9 and a teeny amount of Rosette. I put it on sparingly and got a lovely Nude that wasn’t too bright and pale. Luckily I took a picture of it (for 30 days 30 looks although I will probably only show the best ones at the end of the month)

Purple eyes nude lipsTo get this effect I had to put it on very sheerly so don’t use a lot of product on the lips. I was really pleased with the effect especially as I have quite dark lips so to cover it in a nude was great. It stayed on for most of the day and i only had to reapply once (about 5 hours in)! Only thing is I have to try to recreate it and I can’t! So I will have to keep trying. Also another thing I learned is don’t use this on the back of your hand as it will stay on all day!!! Great pigment on lips, on hand not so good. I really like these especially as I like colour mixing, if you’re not very good at mixing colours you will find this difficult! At £4.99 each (or 25% off if you fill in an online form on the back of a superdrugs receipt) there a really good investment!

5/5 the only limit is your imagination

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