What is a BB Cream?

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This is a question I still get a lot when I mention it to people (including my mother) and although in my product review for Skin79 Gold BB cream (see review click here) I did explain what it was but it was when my blog was all shiny and new so a lot of people I know didn’t see it, so I’m dedicating a post just to it.

Garneir BB creamA BB cream, Blemish Balm and Beblesh Balm are all the same thing so don’t be distracted by the different terms (what is a beblesh anyway? it doesn’t exist in the dictionary). These creams were originally developed in Germany for people who underwent laser surgery on their skin to help them recover their extremely sensitive skin. It proved to be so good at repairing the skin the Asian beauty industry soon developed it into a makeup, it was phenomenally successful with women that its travelling over here with Garnier just releasing theirs, M.A.C and Clinique’s soon to come! Sadly though being allergic to Garnier products I won’t be able to review their BB cream so someone will have to tell me what it’s like!

Now that’s a little bit about where it came from and how it developed now to what the product is actually like.  A BB cream is like a supercharged tinted moisturiser, only it provides a lot more cover on your skin and is a lot less cakey than foundation’s. BB Creams simultaneously even out your skintone, moisturize, whiten, heal and provide anti-ageing on your skin.

The first time I ever tried a bb cream I was like WOW. I always struggled with foundations as I can never get them pale enough and if I do it’s too sheer or slippery etc. I never got the effect I wanted from a foundation that I get with a BB cream. Just completely evened out my skintone immediately, and I have been in love with them ever since. Colouring is perfect for me too especially as asian skin tones tend to be a bit paler than here, but for darker ladies brands like Missha do different shades (most only do the one). The best thing for me is the fact that BB creams are so light on the skin and so good for them too! It doesn’t look like you’re wearing a foundation on your skin, the ultimate test for this? (Don’t laugh) I tried this on my boyfriend and sent him off to work with it on. He has quite a lot of acne scars and still suffers from bouts of spots so I gave him a little sampler to try to even out his skin and he loves it. PLUS he doesn’t look like a drag queen. No one could even tell he had it on. There are mens BB creams out there in the market for sale, but their exactly the same as girls but look more like aftershave bottles.

Now buying these things tend to be a bit tricky as there isn’t a lot in the UK to choose from and I purchase my asian ones (just feel that they more experience ooh-er) from eBay for around £10 mark. A good seller is Bello-Girl who purchases her products straight from the factory she’s a little bit more expensive than other sellers but she guarantees genuine items and sends a few little samples with it as well! I know a lot of people are quite wary of eBay and too right because there are a few fakes out there but this seller is recommended by quite a few different beauty bloggers (Bubzbeauty included) she’s been a seller for years and has top marks across the board. Of course you can pay quite a bit more on the UK ones as they are coming out now I will be trying M.A.C’s and Clinique’s to see how good they are compared to my others just to see if they are similar.

Ebay seller Bello-Girl Click here

Hope that cleared up any questions you had about BB Creams, if you still have any just ask in comment box below!


3 thoughts on “What is a BB Cream?

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  2. I have just discovered your blog after buying the Garnier BB cream. I was so impressed with it, but after reading your review of Missha, I have purchased that through Bello-Girl. I can’t wait to compare the two, I was not sure about the ‘ashy’ aspect of the asian ones. I have recently been in Singapore but unfortunately at that time I didn’t know about the BB creams and avoided anything with whitening in them. We, in Australia, are all about the tan,(fake) especially coming into summer.

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