Look at the State of my Makeup Desk

Makeup Month

A lot of Bloggers have been showing off their really clean, very pretty, sweet makeup desks…. But as someone who has to live their entire life out of one room mine does not look like anything like theirs! I personally don’t think these extremely tidy makeup desks are a real representation… no one has there desks that organised everyday unless you have OCD (I think a bit of shame cleaning went on). I basically live like a teenager until I get a job and move so I can’t buy pretty little desks and huge mirrors because I have nowhere to put them! So here’s what a real makeup desk looks like….

My Makeup DeskLook at the STATE of THAT! to be fair that’s not just makeup it’s all my skincare my hair stuff perfumes and jewellery boxes! That’s not even all of it, that top drawer right there. FULL of crap. Like soaps and stuff you get at christmas and haircare removal and medicines etc. I NEED HELP! I need good space savers, I am forever knocking crap off here! (to be fair the iron isn’t always there I just couldn’t be bothered putting it away…. actually I have had that in my room for about 2 weeks now, shows how much people in this house iron as no one has asked for it!). So Back to my point, any good space-saving ideas???  How is your desk organised?


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