Ecotools Makeup Brush Set – School Report

Makeup Month

Name: Ecotools brush set

Age: 11/02/11

Ethnicity: Bamboo and Synthetic Bristles

Feedback on Lessons: A, D, C, C, U

Ecotools Brush Set

Blush Masterclass: Ecotools blends in well with the rest of the class and has experienced no friction with others. They perform outstandingly in all tests and is currently one of the top of the class. The slanted brush gives a very even finish on the face and has a lot of nice thick bristles that aren’t rough and don’t drop out. A very good blusher brush indeed!

Lining for Beginners: Ecotools has struggled to keep up with the rest of the class and doesn’t perform to the best of her abilities. This liner brush was such a let down. It was nice and wide which I liked and it wasn’t rough on your skin and the first time I used it was great! The only thing is after that first go the bristles curved and its stuck that way. I have washed it tried to set it back and its stuck curving now. Very disappointing.

The Art of Concealing: Ecotools really lets the information she is given sink in but struggles to put theory into practice. A sturdy brush, and conceals quite well without streaking but has a habit of soaking in all the concealer on your face rather than spreading it, which means your wasting a lot of concealer.

Shadow practitioner: Ecotools needs to learn to ask for help when she gets stuck. Has a similar problem to the concealer brush but when it soaks up shadow it also soaks up any foundation or primer on the lid which makes the brush sticky and therefore difficult to use as it causes a lot of friction and gets stuck on your lid. Terrible for blending.

Eye Management: Ecotools has yet to prove her merit in class. A brush that quite frankly is the brush a girl hardly ever uses, every girl has one because you wanted to buy another brush and this happened along side it. Mine always seem to get broken too without ever being used (god knows how it happens) I think I have only used this a couple of time to try to thin to spider eyes when my mascara has gone clumpy. Doesn’t seem anything special.

Overall I think this cost me about £12 in Boots and apart from the blusher brush I can’t say I’m too impressed with this set. I got one decent brush I love and a couple of average ones and a couple of crap ones. I think I am gonna wait until Bubzbeauty (see blogroll) releases her brushes I can’t wait for them!



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