LUSH Lip Scrub vs Bodyshop Lipscruff

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lush lip scrub

Okie dokie I know this isn’t technically makeup but its in the makeup section at body shop so that’s good enough for me. These are two products I got lately because I been having some dry lip issues and I find using a toothbrush way to rough on my lips! (gives me a rash around my mouth like people who lick there lips too much… anyone else get this?)

The first one I got was the today shop lip scruff that I got because it got good reviews online. The first thing I thought about it was its had a nice minty smell to it and it dispenses like a lipstick which I liked I used it on my dry lips and it was alright it doesn’t get off very dry skin but it does loosen them up so you can nibble them off and it does leave your lips nice and soft. Just one thing…. it has sort of woody bits in it so when your done scrubbing your lips you like “Where the frick can I wipe this off?” because its stuck all around your mouth and it doesn’t taste nice at all it taste lips average lip balm with bits of wood in it. So I found that with this you needed to find some tissue to wipe off your lips before moving on to lipstick. It also a tad expensive at £8 for just a lip exfoliator. All small issues I was willing to live with until…

…Lush lip scrub! This is by far the favourite now! It’s a sugar scrub for you lips! If comes in 3 flavours Bubblegum (one I have) Mint and Vanilla.You get this little tub exfoliator for £4.95 near the counter so it better in value than the Bodyshop one but the one key factor that spun it for me was the fact that this scrubs you exfoliate and then you lick it off! It’s exfoliating, its yummy and its won me over! Sugar is a popular ingredient for body scrubs  so it leaves you lips all nice and soft and exfoliated after! No more searching for anything to wipe my lips on! The only issue I have is it gets slightly messy so you have to remember only to use a little bit, nothing major though.

Bodyshop Lipscruff 4/5 Good at exfoliating but your left needed something to wipe your lips on

LUSH Lip Scrub 5/5 Winner! Exfoliating food, I’m in heaven.



3 thoughts on “LUSH Lip Scrub vs Bodyshop Lipscruff

  1. Great review! Now I know what to get for the winter.
    But goodness, it took me so long to read this review because the spelling and grammar is all over the place!!

    • Thank you for the constructive criticism, but since this is a dead blog you have wasted your time. P.S I hope this comment wasn’t too riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes for you to understand it

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