MakeUp Month!


MakeUp Month is here!! Now your probably wondering why I would dedicate a whole month to makeup alone and it’s because it’s a area of my routine that has been seeing the most neglect! I been sooooooo lazy with my make-up routine I keep doing the same thing every day (barely there makeup) because its quick and I haven’t anywhere to go (someone please give me a JOB I’m this close to CLEANING just for something to do! Can you believe I only graduated 2 weeks ago and I’m BORED?) I haven’t done hardly any posts about it either, so this month is a well earned kick up the backside!

So what are my aims this month?

  • Try a different makeup look a day and document it. 30 days 30 looks.
  • Try a few tutorials for the first time ever.
  • Use at least all my makeup products at least once! (have lots of stuff I never used) this means all shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks EVERYTHING.
  • Lots of product reviews of makeup (the usual)
I’m looking forward to this month! It Should be an interesting one. All me posts will be marked with the logo below (so future generations will know about it…) Hopefully after this month I will appreciate my make-up and get a little braver with it! Biggest thing for me will be trying my lip products, I have been self conscious about my lips since I was 8 years old and mum was putting make-up on me and said “You know what? You have a weird shaped mouth.” She probably doesn’t even remember saying it but that silly little comment stuck with me all my life and I have been paranoid about them ever since. So I’m getting over that by trying out lots of  lip products to learn to love my mouth!
Hope you all enjoy this month!

11 thoughts on “MakeUp Month!

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