Rate, Hate or Debate?

Okie Dokie here’s an end of the month post of where I’ll review one product I rated 1 I hated and 1 I keep debating about (can’t decide whether I liked it or hated it) I think I may do this every month it’s a nice round-up! Anyways…

Remington Spin Curl DryerRate!

Remington Spin Curl Dryer

This is actually a product I have had a while but I haven’t used as I had my hair straight and this month I felt curly! I really love this product it gives me nice soft curls and doesn’t damage my hair!  I changed up the instructions though to get the best curls out of this. The instructions stated that you put 1″ strands of dried hair into the tube and run the hair dryer up and down it. What I find od thicker pieces curl better, so I tend to use larger sections of about 2″. I also use this on wet hair not dry. Dry hair in this hardly curls so I blast my roots with a different hairdryer as this isn’t that powerful and I spritz the ends with water to make them more damp and then I use this on it. This way you get more defined curls that last a lot longer! It also makes your curly hair really shiny too! so your curly hair is in good condition and there is zero chance to burn you fingers or you hair!!

GOSH eyebrow Pen


This GOSH eyebrow pen I bought for about £5.99 in Superdrug and I got it because I normally use powders to fill out my brows and I heard pens give more definition. I decided to get GOSH because I normally really like their products but I hated this. First of all when I put this on in Wheat colour it dried a sort of reddy brown colour. How is that wheat??? and what’s with the red? Brown pens shouldn’t give a red tint! So that annoyed me. Then after using it about 3 times (to give it a fair try) the nib has dried out! Its got white stuff on it from doing my brows (and it’s not like I put foundation on my brows!) and the pen’s useless now! Such a waste of money! I’ll stick to powders.

Got 2b Fat-tastic


Got 2b fat-tastic is something I am completely on the fence about, I got it as it got rave reviews from numerous You-tubers and bloggers. So I decided to get it but I wasn’t that impressed. I sprayed this onto my hair and I haven’t noticed too much volume, in fact what I did notice is it made my hair really wet and it dried crunchy not mater how far away I spray for my hair.  It also needs brushing on the top as you can see the wet and crunchy bits. So basically I am going through a process of spraying it in, brushing it out. Which is really annoying! I think it’s because my hair is very fine (but a lot of it, hairdressers LOVE me) So if you have fine hair it really soaks it, so you lift your hair spray underneath and you can see it on the top! After battling with this it does give you a bit of volume but I’m not sure it worth the hassle.

So there you have it. 3 products that stood out to me this month, weirdly they are all hair related… must have been a bad hair month!



4 thoughts on “Rate, Hate or Debate?

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  2. Hey, I really fancied trying that Remington Spin Curl Dryer when it came out but my hair is naturally very straight, wasn’t sure if it would work. What do u think? Is yours very straight?

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