Make Your Own Flower Headband


I was in TopShop today when I saw a Headband like this one, but on twine not on a braid (I can’t find the headband on the website but it’s exactly like this but on twine) and I liked it until I checked the price and it was £10!!!!  It was literally paper flowers, twine and elastic and I thought I could make that in less than half the price! So I have done a little tutorial (first one ever!) on how I made my own hairband for about £3.

What you will need

What you will need

  • Twine – £1.99 in Hobbycraft but with student discount it was £1.80
  • Flowers – £1.29 Blue paper roses with bendable stems (you can have any colour or material you want I went for blue my favourite colour!) £1.17 with discount.
  • An old bobble or elastic
  • Scissors
  • Black thread or cotton the thicker the better.
Step 1
  1. first take the twine and cut a piece that fits the size of your head.
  2. Get your bobble and cut it in half or if you have the elastic cut a 2 inch piece off.
  3. The twine you cut for you head cut about 1 inch off each side (if you want you band to be quite tight cut a bit more I like to have mine a bit loose).
  4. Get you half piece of bobble and overlap the first 2cm of twine and start wrapping black thread around it to secure them together then secure with a double knot. Do this on both sides
should look like this
It should look like this
Cut rose
5. Ok now cut the stem off your rose leaving you with about 1cm  left.
step 3
6. Put the stem through the twine wherever you want it. (sorry for the photo I forgot to photograph this part so I showing you with scrap twine.)
step 4
7. Bend the stem down to secure the rose.
8. Repeat all around 3/4 of the headband.
VOILA! Your done! sorry the pic is kinda grainy but I took the pic on my phone and the front facing camera is a bit pants! All done with the fraction of the price the most expensive thing is the twine but once you have it you can make many more head bands with lots of different flowers on it… I got loads of fake Ivy left over from an art project so I’m going to make an Ivy one next!
Happy Hairbanding!
P.S. Some more hairbands I have done!

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