Scott Cornwall Colour B4 Extra Strength – Product Review

Colour-B4-hair-extra-strength-Okie Dokie heres a product that I have tried on a couple of occasions back when I had brown hair and I was switching to be a red-head, and I needed to lift the brown so the red would be stronger. I tried this about 2 times now and I have to say I was seriously disappointed with it.

When I first heard about this product I was really excited about it, to be able to undo all the hair dye on your hair and start again was seriously appealing to me. I have been home dyeing my hair for years now so that’s why I bought the extra strength one as there is a lot of dye to get out. This products promises to lift the hair dye molecules from you hair back to the lightest shade you have had it (if its been bleached before) or back to your natural hair colour, its been a good 5 years since I had blonde hair and it was really short too so there’s no bleach left in my hair. This products also promises not to damage your hair like bleaching does and leave you with dye-less hair.

When I tried this I followed the instructions EXACTLY as stated the most annoying part is when it comes to washing it out because you do it about 5 times for 5 different time lengths so it timed myself using my phone. After I was done I had very brassy bright yellow hair! I don’t know how this happened it’s definitely not my natural hair colour and it had done it to my roots as well. I wasn’t too fussed about this to be honest as I was dying over it, I just wanted a clean base. No what I was disappointed with was when I put the dye on for my red and my hair started going back to brown again! It just came back!! but with red on top of it! I could have saved myself a lot of time by skipping this! Anyway a couple of months later I read that people who hadn’t washed it out properly the colour came back once you dyed it. So I tried it again. Exactly the same results and I did it for longer. Another bad thing about this is when you washing it the cleanser is so harsh on your hair its tangled dry mess after the washing and you need a super conditioner to sort through it! I was so disappointed with this product as I heard so many good things about it, it just didn’t work, to brassy to be left on its own and dyeing over it just reverses what you did.

0/5 Didnt have a single redeeming feature for me and I gave it a fair go!


2 thoughts on “Scott Cornwall Colour B4 Extra Strength – Product Review

  1. HI Good Day!
    I desperatley need your help, my hair wont take any colour, previously i dyed my hair red and it always use to take the colour i applyed,but I decided im gona dye my hair black, and so i did a few occations, but now it just wont colour no matter what hair dye i use, I so much want to streek my hair (blond), but i know that it wont work, only the hairs from my root will be blonde and the rest of my hair stays black, I HATE IT SO SO SO MUCH, PLEASE WOULD YOU HELP ME, OR RECOMEND ME WITH ONE OF YOUR PRODUCTS AVAILABLE?

  2. it depends what colour your hair has been previously and also if you have been using hair straightening irons over 200 degree’s. I have used this and i’m extreamly happy with my results, when you use this colour b4, it is ideal that you wait a whole week to let the natural oils in your hair ‘recouperate’. I hope it works for you, email me your results!xx

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