REVIEW – Threading Spring

Threading Spring Okie Dokie, This is a weird tool admittedly but its a very useful one I have and by far the cheapest. (Please mind the picture I got it from eBay!) As you can tell it used for removing unwanted facial hair on your face (we all have it!) and is more efficient than plucking, bleaching or waxing. This is based on a the popular product Myspringit Which costs about £20 whereas on eBay there are loads that are exactly the same and cost £0.99!  Basically it’s a spring so I don’t think there’s much difference I am missing out on! It has little pink handles, a spring, job done.

Anyways using this on your face you press it on your face and turn the handles outwards and the spring then picks up lots of hairs in the springs all at once. I do have to say it require a bit of practice before you use this on your eyebrows other you might accidentally pluck a load off because you need to be quite dexterous with it for the area! I have nearly done this a couple of times already! It’s something that can be done quite absent-mindedly once you get used to it. the first pluck is always quite a shock and a bit painful (just a little) but once you get into it, it doesn’t hurt at all.  Leaves your face looking nice and smooth afterwards absolute bargain!

4/5 needs a bit of practice to get the most of it, but a nifty little thing!



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