My Skincare Routine

Okie Dokie I am just doing my current skincare routine and reviewing the products I use as I go along partly because it’s fun seeing what girls use in their routine, and partly I can knock off a lot of products in one go!  I know it seems so lazy but next month is Make-up month, so so skincare reviews for a whole month!

Before I get started I’m going to explain what kind of skintone I have. I have a combination skintone, dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. I get a few spots mainly on the far side of my cheekbones and above my top lip and tend to get blackheads on my nose (gross, I don’t get a LOT of spots this description make it seem a lot mankier than it is). I’m allergic to Garnier, Nivea and strong spot treatment products like Clearasil and Oxy.

To start off with I am going to go through different Cleansers I use, I use about 3 different types as your skin gets used to cleansers so you need to keep switching it so that they still give optimum results for you. Then Exfoliators, Toner, Spot treatment, Eye Cream, Emulsion, Essences and Moisturizer’s.

Bodyshop Eye makeup remover

Bodyshop Camomile Waterproof Eye-Makeup Remover

Heres my make-up remover, this is a new addition as I was previously using Bourjois’s one and it isn’t that effective with waterproof mascaras, so I decided to switch. This one is a cream based one compared to the last one that was a liquid. Creams i find quite weird when i put them on my eye, its all cold and squidgy… a bit off putting really, so I don’t normally prefer creams. I find this quite effective when removing my makeup without aggravating my eyes, whereas the Bourjois one sometimes would. The only thing is if you have loads of mascara on it takes quite a bit of product to get it off (I tried it on my little sister whose eyelashes are the remains of dead spiders). For mine though it works really well if you hold it over your eye for about minute then start to wipe, because it takes longer than the liquid ones to soak in. I quite like it despite it being a cream.

4/5 – Only a point down because creams take a bit longer to work.

Biore Acne Mild Foam

Biore Acne Mild Care

Here’s a Foam cleanser I use to combat spots, I mainly got this for Ryan who had acne as a teenager, but it’s so mild I been using it too as I’m prone to spots as well. I heard about this on Bubzbeauty’s channel (see YouTube on blogroll) and it really worked for her skin, so she raved about it. It’s supposed to get rid of the excess oil on your face when you clean, which it does do, but it hasn’t stopped me getting spots. So oily skintone this is ok for but it doesn’t have a lot of oil control for the rest of the day. For spots it’s not that good. I’m just using this until it runs out because it comes in a massive tub, for about £6 on eBay you get a lot for your money, I also think Ryan has stopped using it because he’s lazy and just uses wipes… so I stopped buying them. Their lazy makers!

2/5 – Very mild perhaps too mild.

Clinique Facial Soap

Clinique Facial Soap

This is the newest addition as of yesterday, and weirdly one of my oldest products. This is because I left it in the soap box in the drawer for the last 3 years. I bought this, the toner, the moisturiser and together they were leaving dry patches all over my face so I stopped using them. I’m not convinced it was the soap more likely the Toner and Moisturiser weren’t right for my skin. Anyway I started using it again last night after I washed off the top layer of it and my face has been fine. I’m not quite sure I’m fond of the big soap form, I think I would have preferred a bottle but the sales girl at the airport convinced me to get this one. I have to say I did use this for a couple of months before giving up on it and I hardly dented the thing. It looks like something that’s going to last forever! So it’s good value for money at least.  I think it must be like a cockroach if there’s ever a nuclear war this and them would be all that’s left…

?/5 – too soon to tell I’m afraid will do a review some time down the line…


Soap & Glory Mini Mitt

Heres the Mini Mitt from Soap & Glory, I use this in combination with the cleanser’s above. I really like this little thing to wash my face because it’s so gentle to use. It’s made from silicone and has these tiny bristles on it to massage your face as your clean without scratching your face. The little bristles really help stimulate blood flow and leaves you all glowy after you wash. What I really like about this is how hygienic it is because it’s so easy to clean. That means my flannels aren’t getting clogged with products and I just use them to rinse products off my face.

5/5 – My mitt is not as nearly pink as the picture above because it has seen a lot of use from it! It’s now sort of beige.. If ever break it im buying a new one! Love this little thing.

neutrogena visibly clear blackhead cleanserNeutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion

I know the picture says toner but I couldn’t find a decent picture of it! Looks exactly the same though, so that’s a heads up when you shop don’t accidentally buy the toner! I use this first thing in a morning as I tend to properly cleanse my face on a night when I’m cleaning my make up off and low-key cleaning and exfoliating in the morning. I like this lotion because I don’t have to wash it off it takes all the muck out of your face too. I have noticed less blackheads since using this. I was previously using Neutrogena’s spot fighting version of this, which didn’t really help my spots, but this one I like, my skin feels a lot cleaner when I use this and it doesn’t dry it out. sadly though not less spots although my spots tend to be hormonally charged.

4/5 Really good cleanser for blackheads but doesn’t help normal spots. It doesn’t say it can do both but I would like one that would from Neutrogena.

Laneige MultiBerry Peeling Gel

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

Now that my Edom (see review click here) has gone to exfoliator heaven I have been using this Laneige exfoliator. Now it says peeling gel but I hadn’t realised that Asian skincare calls all exfoliators this as I thought it would be like my Edom one. However I used my Edom gel to test this after a week (I used the peeling gel after to see how much skin comes off), and hardly anything came off so I was pleased with it. I didn’t think it was doing much because the beads were so fine and it wasn’t very rough on my face . I thought it might have been too gentle but i was glad it wasn’t. I really like the fact that the beads in this are extremely fine so it’s not rough on your face like a lot a exfoliators, and the yogurt in this leaves your face so smooth (Yoghurt makes great facial masks, if it has yoghurt you will be left with a uber smooth face). Definitely a good buy leaves your face all glowy too.

5/5 – Exfoliates and smells nice too!



Now this exfoliator is by far the cheapest you can get. I have a tub of oats permanently in my bathroom in an old moisturiser pot. I only heard about this recently from Bubzbeauty (see her Video click here) whose video is brilliant definitely recommend you subscribing to her she’s ace. Just using this wet on your face is brilliant if your want your skin to look so clear and bright it really works! (just throw the remainder oats in the bin as to not clog up your sink!)

5/5 – Leaves your face REALLY clean and soft.

skin79 crystal c mist toner

Skin79 Crystal C Mist Toner

Here something from my June wish list that I only just bought recently, and I was a bit saddened by the bottle as it was a little smaller than I expected, but then again it was only £7. I like the idea of this toner as it hydrates your face as it clears your PH rather than stripping it, like how I feel when I use wipe off toners. Just spray it on your face press your palms on your face so you get all the moisture and away you go. It’s good as you can spray it immediately before you start to put on your moisturisers and that way you lock in all the moisture. Normally they recommend you moisturize right after you wash your face but it’s about 5 minutes before I get round to my face after a shower (I don’t know why I have no idea what I’m doing in that time.., oh yeah moisturizing my arms). Another thing I like is that its odourless which is good because your spraying it in your face and strong smells make me gag!

4/5 – Moisturizing not drying. I likes! Just a bit of a small bottle.

origins-spotOrigins Super Spot Remover

I got this about 2 weeks ago now and I LOVE IT! I popped into Boots in the Manchester Arndale centre recently as they have an Origins section in there and Preston doesn’t (boo!) I was actually after the old bottle that’s always constantly sold out online and I found that they have done this new one! First of all when you get it for £14, it’s a tiny bottle. I mean seriously tiny. It looks like a free sample but as most spot gels you have to use them about 5 times before they start zapping this one is a spot KILLER! It really dries it out and it hasn’t dried out my skin around it! Really stops spots from getting massive right in there tracks! I will be getting this again move over Soap & Glory I have a new favourite!

5/5 – It’s a bit expensive but if you want one that works first time this is it!

clinique all about eyes

Clinique All ABout Eyes

A product from the Haul I got a few weeks ago, I know there is quite a few items from Clinique on here mainly because of the haul I got and because I wanted to give it a chance again, I got disillusioned when the set I got years ago dried me out. I am glad I tried it again, the sales girl I met was lovely and didn’t pressure me into buying anything and knew what she was talking about. So next time I’m in there I’ll talk to her again, she suggested this eye product to me I’m glad she did because my old cream is focused only on dark circles but it wasn’t very moisturising. This is lovely thick cream that’s targets dryness, dark circles and puffiness. It’s a good all in oner and I noticed more of a difference in my dark circles with this cream than my last one and it’s combating my dry lines so I’m really fond of this.

4/5 – Really good eye cream only wish it was anti- ageing too then it would have everything!!

laneige white plus renew emulsion

Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion

I’m not going to go into too much detail on this one because I reviewed it already (click here) Really good I like this!

5/5 a surprising product I didnt know I would even need!

Laneige Hydra essenceLaneige Hyrda Solution Essence

Again already reviewed this so I like it if you want to read the review click here.

5/5 A great serum, better than the UK ones

Laneige White Plus Renew EssenceLaneige White Plus Renew Essence

Ok confession time I actually use two essences, but they are so light you can get away with using two! Especially when they both do completely different things. The White Plus Renew range is aimed at whitening which even out your skin tone (not turn you into a vampire). I think I got a bit obsessed with even skintone recently but my skin has tanned unevenly a few years ago and I was left with darker and light places on my face seeing as I’m quite a pale person it makes it quite noticeable and left me looking greyish. This is much stronger than the emulsion and I actually put this one on before the essence above and it has worked a treat on my face. Really good if you want to lighten areas of your face and the formula is light enough it lets you use another serum for anti- ageing. Brilliant.

5/5 does what it says on the tin

clinique superdefense age defense moisturizer

Clinique Superdefense Hydrating Moisturizer

Another haul item, actually the only thing I was planning to buy from Clinique was a moisturizer in particular the Even Better one, but I managed to get that for free when I bought this, as I wasn’t sure about it and I really needed more anti- ageing products in my range. This is a lovely thick texture to it and it spreads nicely and soaks in quickly, the only thing is it kind of leaves a shiny sheen on my face but I think that’s because I have the hydrating one. Nothing a bit of powder won’t fix but I would have preferred a more matte finish. As for anti-ageing I don’t have any wrinkles and it’s too early my life to see if this was effective or not, but as a moisturizer I like it, nice big tub, doesn’t stink, just a bit shiny.

4/5 – Good for a moisturizer but a bit shiny


Clinique Even Better

This is my replacement for a night cream, I get enough moisture in my routine that on a night I don’t need a super heavy moisturiser, so when I got this a freebie in my haul I was well chuffed. It has got really positive reviews and I was excited to try it out. I really like this, it a light moisturiser and it really works! This combined with my other products has really evened out my skin! My skin looks so much brighter and healthier now darker patches no greyness. I think when this runs out I will buy another one. Facebook LIKE! Actually I think boots should do that, as well as people leaving reviews, people can just like it or dislike it like on Facebook without having to leave a review that takes 2 days to monitor. You can see the reviews and how many likes and dislikes, make it a bit easier to shop. Just something to think about Boots…

5/5 – really good moisturizes, evens everything you want happened right there.

Ok so that’s it! That was a LONG one huh? I know it seems like a lot of products, but remember I don’t use ALL of these in one go and it’s a combination of day and night and sometimes weekly products! That was 15 products all together!?! You know what it’s a good job I’m doing a Make-up month because I’m seriously addicted to skincare!


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