REVIEW – Goody Lift & Smooth” Plasmium Gel Grip Hair Brush

Goody lift and smooth plasmium gel handle Okie Dokie, this hairbrush I bought when I was feeling quite “eh” about my hair. I couldn’t get any volume in it and after trying many products I started to blame my tools. I bought a new hairdryer, new hair brush to see if it would make any difference, and this hairbrush certainly made a difference.

This hair brush is from the Goody range I bought it in boots for about £10, and the packing said it was a styling brushes designed to lift and smooth the hair. The handle I thought was quite cool, it has a plasmium gel handle and its very squidgy. Quite fun to play with for about 2 minutes.

So after drying most of my hair I started using this coupled with my new hairdryer. It nearly SCALPED me. OMG I HATE this brush!! It was just pulling hairs out of my head when I brushed with it! Half the time it would help with tangling my hair more than anything else! Theres nothing abnormal about my brushes where they must be catching but this is the most painful brush I ever used! As far as I can tell it can’t give any lift if it’s trying to bald you!

0/5 Horrible product!! If you value your hair do not buy it.



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