REVIEW – Soap & Glory iFoam

Soap and Glory Body WashOkie Dokie, I’m going to be cramming in the posts for the next week until August filling out all the little gaps in my categories, but also because in August I going to make it Make up Month! All through August all my posts will be based around Make – up as I have been a bit skincare heavy lately so next month is all about the cosmetics! So until then any skin or hair products that needs doing before hand is going up!

So back to the product at hand, this is a Body wash I buy over and over and over again. I really like this stuff because even though it seem like just a shower gel its the only one that really moisturises as you clean! I remember picking this up thinking it seemed a cool idea but really wasn’t expecting it to do much. It was Soap & Glory so it was bound to smell amazing (it really does!). Anyway I gave it dues and didn’t moisturise (really only a habit I picked up a few months ago because I noticed I was looking a bit dragon-esque) checking to make sure it was actually moisturising my skin and I was so surprised when after a few weeks of using this my dry patches on my arms hadn’t appeared at all! It really worked, and I only used it once a shower, whereas the bottle states if you’re skipping moisturising to use it twice, I never needed too (quite economic). Only thing not quite so economic is the price, now for a shower gel it is quite expensive at around £4 odd (can’t quite remember the price but just under a fiver it was I think!) but seeing as it doing more than just cleaning you, I think I will let that slide.

5/5 A lazy girls god send.



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