REVIEW – Bodyshop Moroccan Body Milk

Moroccan Rosewater Body MilkOkie Dokie, here’s a flashback to my Soap & Glory moisturising products where I had pretty much given up on body sprays as a moisturiser (see review click here). I just couldn’t resist this though when I saw this in Bodyshop.

First of all I think this was around £12, I find most of Bodyshop’s products are a tad more expensive than I would like but I find the quality of the products usually makes up for it! This was definitely more expensive than the Soap & Glory alternative but then again I wasn’t too impressed with theirs!

The Smell of this milk is a lovely natural Rose, I like that it’s not too perfumed or too sweet-smelling (I have a sensitive gag reflex and over powering smells can set me off, coupled with a strong sense of smell it’s the worst super power ever!). This product is much more moisturising than the S&G one but still not moisture rich enough for my arms where I can get dry patches it works everywhere else but there. I suppose my body has combination skin. So for people with normal skin this would be a good product for but for scaly girlies it’s not so good. I couldn’t bear to part with this product though because I like the smell too much so I still use this all over and use S&G Butter Up on my arms instead.

3/5 – Bodymilk’s still not moisturising enough for me, but has a lovely smell to it!


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