I Just Ordered a GlossyBox…


glossyboxOkie Dokie with thanks to Caked in makeup (see Blogroll) whose post this morning enlightened me to GlossyBox! Although she was quite disappointed with her box, I still got one (Cheap products? I’m IN!). Let me explain…

Now Glossybox is a UK website (click here)  where they send you a box every month filled with 4 or 5 samples of according to them “the most interesting beauty products and latest make-up trends” for £10 a month! Look at Caked in Make up’s post for a more in depth explanation of the company and see her latest box! (click here)

Quite a big saving really as the products they have associated with them include OPI, NARS, Batiste, Bioeffect etc. This looks perfect for beauty bloggers to try products without forking out a fortune! Unfortunately it’s proving to be quite popular and I  won’t be receiving mine until late September! boo!

So typically I will be waiting anxiously for my box so I can start reviewing the products in it! Look how pretty the packaging is!

glossyboxApparently this idea was based around an American company that was sending out boxes for the same price but only in the US. It’s a very good idea really the only other company I came across doing something similar was Latest in beauty (click here) who do a monthly box as well for a £1 a month and they send you 2 or 3 samples a month, but their not as good really, for this month its sun creams (have you looked out the window??? it’s pouring and I’m wearing a jumper!).

Hopefully the Glossybox will get here for my birthday…


P.S HI again! Ok just found another site that is similar to this same price too but for 6 high end samples of products Boudoir Prive (see site click here) but you have to sign up to a waiting list and get invited to order your boxes but if 3 other people you invite sign up you get on the list faster! The first boxes will be posted out in August for people who want to sign up. Happy sampling!
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